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Manage employee data safely and efficiently in a paperless manner

Simplify employee database management in a cloud-based system that is integrated with payroll, automated, and without using paper or other physical documents.

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“Using Talenta is very helpful in terms of employee database management. Firstly, data withdrawal is really easy. When we need employee data, everything such as names, addresses, account numbers, and all other information can be accessed directly.”

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Benefits of HR database management system

We ship out the best features to support your business needs so you can
manage and handle employee data easily.


Manage employment data efficiently

  • Manage employment status for PKWT or PWKTT employees including pro rata calculations more easily and quickly.
  • View employee employment history in one online platform from salary changes, transfer status, to loan history.
  • Setting salaries for employees with pro-rated status will be easier because they are automatically adjusted to applicable regulations and policies.
  • Processing and calculation of income tax deductions are adjusted to changes in employee PTKP status automatically.
  • Manage company assets that are lent to employees more easily and in an organized manner, free from the risk of unrecorded assets and fraud.
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Manage employee personal data

  • All employee personal data in one integrated application that is easily accessible from mobile phones, anywhere and anytime.
  • Data fields that can be adjusted or added from the default template can be customized as needed, such as the size of employee uniforms.
  • Employees have access to easily manage their own personal data such as CV, KTP, and NPWP directly from their mobile phones.
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Updating employee data

  • Adding or updating a large number of employee data can be done at once through the bulk update feature in a few clicks.
  • Administration of employee transfers is easier and automatic without having to manually move data across databases.
  • Export and import employee data for various needs, such as for advanced data analysis or reports.
  • Employee directory for faster to search for employee data easily by simply typing the employee's name in the search field.
  • Employee demographic graphs to see an overview of employee data such as gender, age, and employment status more easily.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is an HR database application?

An employee database application is a platform to help companies manage employee databases more easily, quickly, efficiently, in order to meet the needs of the company and its employees through data integration.

By using an employee database application, companies can simplify the process of managing employee or employee data into one cloud-based system which is generally integrated with payroll systems and other HR operations.

All employee information is centralized in one Mekari Talenta application and can be easily managed through a system that is integrated with various services to meet the needs of the company and daily HR operations. For example, payroll software, online attendance applications, or flexible benefit features for employees that are supported by Mekari Flex. Mekari Talenta is also ISO 27001 certified which ensures that the confidentiality of employee databases is well maintained and secure.

Yes, you can manage all employee data online. The Mekari Talenta application is based on cloud computing and can be easily accessed via web or through the mobile application.

You can access to consult with our team as well as subscribe to the best HRIS Mekari Talenta.

Apart from providing comprehensive services for managing employee data, the Mekari Talenta application also comes with the ISO 27001 certificate and has received authentication from KOMINFO, and is trusted by many reputable companies. Mekari Talenta is the best HRIS software you can get right now for managing employee data.


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