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Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Effective

By Mekari TalentaPublished 08 Apr, 2022 Last updated 20 March 2024

Tips to make your LinkedIn profile more effective!

These days, it takes more than just a resume to stand out in job market.

Your online presence matters, let alone hiring managers will stalk your social media to find how you behave.

That being said, your LinkedIn profile has to be effectively stand out.

A profile that grabs hiring managers’ attention could make a difference. T

his time, we will talk specifically about LinkedIn. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is the third most popular social network in terms of unique monthly visitors after Facebook and Twitter.

Interesting facts about LinkedIn:

How-to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out

  1. LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’ social media leads! All the other social media platforms put together only amount to 19,67% of leads.
  2. 77% of users said that LinkedIn helped them research people and companies more effective than any other social media channels. Relevant keywords help a lot to shows up profile in the first list of search result.
  3. 76% of users find who’s viewed your profile as the no. 1 feature.

Here is some tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in job market these days:

  1. Headline. Craft your headline such that it acts as a main value proposition using active language and your keyword.
  2. Use a current professional profile picture. According to LinkedIn, profile with professional pictures will get at least 40% of inmail response rate and 11 more chances to get viewed.
  3. Add a background photo to your personal profile. Profile with pictures will get inmail response rate up to 40% and increase 11 more chances your profile to get viewed if you a background photo to your profile.
  4. Contact information should include: e-mail address, phone number, company website, and all your social media profile.
  5. Write a compelling description about yourself.
  6. Make your personal profile look more professional (and much easier to share) by customizing your public profile URL.
  7. You can also optimize your profile to get caught by people when they are searching LinkedIn for key terms which you associated with SEO strategy.
  8. Optimize the anchor text in your URLs by selecting “Other Options” and use a keyword-rich tittle. If you want to increase clicks on the website link you display there, change those links’ anchor text to something more attention-grabbing than the standard option that LinkedIn provides.
  9. Emphasize your professional skill. According to LinkedIn, your profile will get 13 times more chance to get viewed if you add your skill. Get quick endorsements from your connections for your professional skills by asking for endorsement and endorse each other.
  10. Fill the “Projects” section. You can use this section to highlight products, services, or other projects you have done.
  11. Showcase your publication to boost your productivity you can add articles about you or written by you.
  12. Find group related to your industry, then join them and be an active participant in one, or two of them. LinkedIn said that you are allowed to join up to 50 groups.
  13. Share your honors and awards. You can use this section to add awards and honors to optimize your profile for talent seekers.
  14. In “Interest” section, add interest to your profile to optimize your keywords related to activities and hobbies.
  15. Showcase volunteer experience, organization, and cause you care about. 42% of hiring managers surveyed said they view volunteer experience equal to formal work experience. One in five hiring managers have chosen a candidate based on his or her volunteer experience.
  16. Be active in daily basis, 40% LinkedIn users check on daily basis. And it will take at least 20 posts per month to reach 60% of your LinkedIn audience.
  17. Harness the best time to post. The best date and time to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday, 10-11 EST. To get most shares, LinkedIn updates happen during 10am-2pm EST.

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