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By using Mekari Talenta, HR can work more effective with more efficient time because most of their repetitive task can be done automatically.


Shift schedules are integrated directly to the online attendance system with GPS and selfie features for accurate and real-time monitoring.

Changes to the work schedule need to be communicated manually and it is difficult to monitor productivity.

Attendance can only be done within the radius of office intranet and is prone to fraudulent behavior.

Attendance data is not integrated with other modules such as payroll and thus manual recapitulation is needed.


Payroll components are automatically synchronized from various modules to be calculated in accordance with the latest regulations.

Manually calculating and recapitulating payroll components takes time and is highly prone to human error.

Data is scattered across physical and digital media, wasting time for HR to locate and input the data to the system.

The payroll process still involves importing and exporting data manually since there are no inter-module integrations.


Employee database is centralized and accessible from the online dashboard anytime you want.

Employee documents are stored in physical archives, which adds unnecessary risks of scattered data and data loss.

Data can only be accessed through the office VPN or intranet, and data security is 100% the company’s responsibility.

Data is not fully integrated and synchronized with other modules.

Expense Management
Expense Management

Requests and approvals for claims are processed through the mobile app, and the proof of payment is recorded directly in the system.

Employees have to keep pestering HR to track request status, and proof of payment is easily scattered.

Requests cannot be processed online and employees still have to keep chasing HR around to track request status.

No integration with the payroll module means that manual recapitulation is still neeeded for salary calculations.


Employees can submit requests for leave, overtime, and even make changes to personal info through the mobile app independently.

HR needs to answer inquiries and update employee data for each employee one by one.

Every administrative process relating to human resources needs to be processed through HR.

Unoptimized and confusing dashboard interface slows down the user.

Employee Benefit
Employee Benefit

Employees can choose from available benefit options. Budget and usage for benefits can be set and monitored according to company policies.

It is difficult to allocate budget, monitor usage, and adjust benefits with the needs of the company and employees.

Employees cannot check remaining balances for benefits without help and HR cannot monitor benefit usage in real time.

Limited list of benefit vendors that cannot adjust to the needs of the company.

Perf. Management
Perf. Management

Assess employee performance objectively with a wide selection of review methods and calibration tools.

The evaluation process is slow because HR has to chase down every employee to complete the review process and consolidate reports manually.

Forms for reviews and complex evaluation formulas must be prepared in advance to start the review process.

No clear talent mapping procedure so it is hard to evaluate employees based on competencies and potential.

HR Analytics
HR Analytics

Get insights based on company HR trends through easy-to-understand data visualizations from the HR Analytics dashboard.

Need to process HR data manually, which takes a lot of time and prone to human error.

It is difficult to determine variables that will be used as insight and requires support from teams outside of HR.

Requires importing and exporting data to the system, and compiling the dashboard’s interface from zero.

#1 Service guarantee

Best-in-class support to take you to the next level.

Experience fully-supported implementation, best practice, and aftersales support from the Mekari Talenta team.

Trusted aftersales support

Trusted aftersales support

Get answers regarding the use of Mekari Talenta without long queue times by contacting us directly through phone or email.

  • Responsive customer support is always ready to help you troubleshoot issues and provide solutions on time.
  • Personal assistance from Mekari’s account manager to ensure that you benefit from the optimal product experience.
  • 24/7 access to learning resources that can be used to study the system anytime.
Fully-supported data migration

Fully-supported data migration

The Mekari Talenta team is ready to help you in the migration process and overall implementation at no additional costs.

  • Free implementation and training are provided in accordance to your needs by Mekari’s team of specialists.
  • Step-by-step onboarding support ensures nothing is missed and your team is ready to use the system as soon as possible.
  • System manuals can be accessed online to help your HR team ensure operations can run smoothly without problem.
International security standard

International security standard

With the highest security and privacy standards in its class, data security is guaranteed in Mekari Talenta’s server.

  • ISO 27001-certified and 256-bit SSL encryption ensures that your data is safe and protected from any misdeed.
  • Customizable level of access per account to control the access to important data for certain individuals.
  • Automatic and regular data backup protects important data from getting corrupted and from being lost.

Practicality and ease-of-use through integration

Connect ERP, accounting, and other softwares to Mekari Talenta or use our open API to create your own integrations.

  • Accounting
  • Business operations
  • Time Tracking
  • Tax preparation
  • Point of Sales
  • Learning & Development
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