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The  HR operational management and payroll solution for industries with flexible working climate. Maximize your technology business growth significantly with the correct solution use for payroll and HR operational)


Automated and quick process of recruitment

These days technology moves fast. New innovation consistently appears, ready to disrupt the established business order. With those challenges, we at Talenta understand that technology business requires faster process, including recruitment process.

Technology based industry requires speed in recruitment, not only because of the demands to grow faster, but also because the competition in the market calls for speed and meticulousness.

Talenta offers a solution for this problem with HR specialized software to smoothen the process of employees personal data administration automatically. Talenta is also integratable with hiring platforms, making monitoring that much easier.

Grant the simplicity of attendance system for your mobile employees

We understand that besides speed, mobility is another thing firmly associated with technology based industry. The two don’t click with the conventional attendance system, dependent on manual administration, especially when requesting leave and overtime.

Talenta provides online attendance feature, as well as requesting leave and overtime. From HR side, Talenta will help you in integrating employees with the entirety of payroll system.

Attendance system through application can help technology based companies to create a flexible working climate, accessible for all.

Simplifying reimbursement process and employee expense

Employees who work in the technology based industry possess high mobility. Often having to meet outside the office is an inevitable point for them.

All this time, when there’s an employee that has to pull out their own money for work-related activities outside the office, had to request manually to the finance, waiting for approval from supervisor and finance manager. The complicated method is applicable for companies and employees, especially the HR department and finance.

Now, reimbursement requests and many other employee expenses are easier to achieve because it can be directly requested through talenta. Approval process can be a lot easier due to one way approval through dashboard.

Mekari Benefit for employees with dynamic lifestyle

At Talenta, we understand that the culture in a technology based company is fast and dynamic, including their wish to fulfill their needs as soon as possible. To make that work, Talenta presents Mekari Benefit, included in the payroll system of Talenta application.

This new feature from Talenta, helps the employees to access their paychecks earlier, in case they want to buy their daily needs even before paycheck date.

Mekari Benefit facilitates the employees to buy phone credit, data package, e-wallet top up and shopping vouchers through talenta application. Bills will be recorded on Talenta’s system and will be automatically deducted from paycheck next month. All necessities are covered by loans without interest!

Calculate the transaction and directly transfer through application

With quick demands and no room for errors, we certainly understand that HR’s responsibilities in calculation and paycheck distribution is difficult and time-consuming.

Luckily, with employees administration and integrated and documented transactions on Talenta application, it is easier to calculate and wire the payroll. By using talenta application, we make sure that the calculation of payroll components is faster and more accurate.

Payroll wiring can be done through the application, now that Talenta is equipped with “payroll disbursement” feature, made the transfer to every bank in Indonesia possible without additional administration fees. Move on to Talenta and experience the difference.

When it comes to managing a lot of work, we automatically need support that can really meet the basic needs of employees. HRIS from Talenta by Mekari helps a lot for us to maintain the basic needs of every employee.

Pusma Maslim - Chief of Happiness Resources

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Talenta offers solution to create a correct recruitment process, specially designed for the industries that require fast action.

Mobile attendance system and leave request through the application helps both the employees and the HR department.

Reimbursement request can be done directly from the application, assisting the employees, HR and finance.

Mekari Benefit is the solution for employees to access their paycheck earlier in case of urgent needs.

Payroll process can be done directly from the application, transfer to all bank without additional administration fees.

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