Ensure your remote working going well with our powerful automated cloud HRIS

At Talenta, we understand the business needs for the work facilities and HR service availability even during WFH. From payroll process, employees attendance up to reimbursement, it can be achieved from anywhere. Experience the best cloud based HRIS technology from Talenta.

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Payroll solution

Find the simplicity of managing payroll during WFH with the solution from Talenta. Calculate and pay employees wage anytime, anywhere. Free of worries, payroll is no longer only available at the office.

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Practical and highly compliance

Support the government’s program, pay tax incentive easily using Talenta. Accurate calculation according to regulation, there’s no stopping payroll process even during WFH.

Mobile payroll process

Say ‘good bye’ to your on-premise and computer-installed software. Now you can calculate payroll and tax incentive right from your Talenta web.

Complete all your payroll needs

Integrate online attendance with payroll process and employee benefits. Talenta helps carrying on HR administration even during the pandemic.

Time management

Complete your tasks faster while managing attendance accurately with live attendance from Talenta. Leave your fingerprint machine, employees attendance is recorded through personal smartphones. Work from home has never been easier.

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Easy attendance, overtime and leave process

Talenta’s employee self-service feature simplifies leave, overtime and attendance requests during WFH. Approval process is granted according to necessities.

Organize employee shifts easily

Talenta reduced the difficulties of shift management at several branches consecutively during WFH. Multiple and overnight shifts management are no longer an issue.

Integrated mobile attendance

Integrated online attendance using Talenta web and mobile platform for a more accurate and comprehensive attendance report during WFH.

When it comes to managing a lot of work, we automatically need support that can really meet the basic needs of employees. HRIS from Talenta by Mekari helps a lot for us to maintain the basic needs of every employee.

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HRIS Solution

Avoid worrying over the decrease of productivity during WFH. Make your transition to Talenta and automate every kinds of routine works. Focus on your business activity to go on just as usual.

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The company and employee database

Get access to the company and employee database all in one integrated, cloud based platform anywhere, anytime. Throw away the worries of missing important contacts during WFH.

Recruitment & onboarding

Working from home is no reason to stop recruiting new employees. Monitor the recruitment and onboarding process through Talenta, using integrated feature with real time update.

Comprehensive report for analysis

Grant easy access of HR service to your employees with self-service feature on Talenta. Send overtime, payslip, reimbursement requests and personal data access directly from your own phone.

Employee benefits

Give your employees earlier payroll access to help with their necessities during working from home with Mekari Benefit. More benefit choices by relevant partners with competitive price.

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Mobile-based employee self-service

Talenta helps with regular administration problems during WFH such as reimburse, leave, and employee attendance requests.

Mekari Benefit for simplicity

At the time of WFH, employees can obtain access to early paycheck with Mekari Benefit. Secured transaction without fuss or interfering with company’s regular activity.

Employees loan and investment

Grant easy access for employees daily needs by using Mekari Benefit while practicing WFH. Purchasing electricity token, phone credit, data package and e-wallet top up all directly from the application.


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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