Payroll automation with modern technology for real industry

Payroll automation with modern technology for industries with complex workforce. Talenta understands the industrial sector needs to give the best HR service for all kind of work force with a variety of paychecks.

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Ditch the repetitive administration process

For HR with thousands of employees such as real industry, the recruitment process is a difficult thing. However, HR’s responsibility doesn’t end there. Afterwards, there’s still a series of administrative works with a stacking amount of files that has to be inserted into the system.

For example, the employees personal data, shift schedule and the paychecks component. Every month, there’s always on-boarding and off-boarding processes with a wide range document requests coming endlessly from the employees and management.

Now, with Talenta, data management is easily and safely managed. Employees’ database is stored centrally, safe and accessible through application. That way, every administration process in the future is going to be a lot easier.

Comprehensive payroll solution for every type of employees

After the employees joined, they are divided into full time and contract employees. Each has their own systems of shift, overtime, and leave. The HR department’s task is getting more difficult in every category with the calculations of income tax, work accident insurance, benefits and retired insurance.

At Talenta, HR only needs to manage paycheck components at the start of system operation. Payroll system and tax calculation at Talenta can be adjusted to the company’s policy and local government.

Now, payroll calculation is faster by 93 percent every month. Not only that, Talenta’s payroll system makes sure that the company and employees are not disadvantaged due to human errors from manual process.

Avoid time disadvantage with integrated mobile application

Are you familiar with form based leave and overtime request, troubling HR every month to recap and calculate paycheck based on attendance? Or the transparency problem caused by the prone-to-corruption manual calculation?

At Talenta, we provide a mobile application that will help employees and the HR department in managing employees’ attendance in the factory or the office. Talenta helps employees to submit their attendance, request overtime and leave through application.

With an integrated attendance system, HR and employees are no longer facing transparency issues. Attendance and payroll can be immediately calculated. Leave the old ways that are prone to disadvantages. Using Talenta, time management is easier and precise.

Calculate tax with variable payroll cycle

At the end of the month, it’s time to do payroll. Calculating payroll for thousands of employees is not an easy thing to do. However, with an organized database, the calculation of paycheck component suitable with the company policy along with proper attendance management, the payroll calculation will be easier and faster every month.

A variety of taxes for every workforce status can be calculated easily. However, in the real industry, several companies own a weekly cycle of payment.

You don’t need to worry, because now, Talenta provides options of weekly or monthly payment. Move over to Talenta right now. With accurate payroll software, the weekly payroll process can be done easily, quickly and safely.

Payroll transfer to all bank accounts without any obstacle

For the real industry’s HR department, paying thousands of bank accounts is certainly not an easy thing to do. On top of that, every account comes from a different bank organization.

But, you don’t have to worry. Now, Talenta offers a “payroll disbursement” feature to simplify the paycheck wiring process through application. With this feature, companies in the real industry with thousands of employees can transfer to all the banks in Indonesia without any administration fees. No more complicated filling of e-banking formats and waiting for days. Just a click away, you can transfer paychecks into thousands of employees’ bank accounts with Talenta.

Payroll is far easier through the application. It’s time to move on to Talenta, no more doubts.

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GREE is a company with 250 employees. Our problem is a lot of manual documentation, with the more employees, the more time. Mekari Talenta fulfills our needs at an affordable price.

Lie Juliana - Human Resource & GA

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American Payroll Association found that payroll automation saves cost up to 80 percent.

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A variety of employees status and paycheck, integrated in one platform.

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Without the attendance system automation, a company is potentially overpaying as much as 1,2 percent.

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Talenta provides weekly and monthly payment, including all industry needs.

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Transfer paychecks to all bank without difficulties


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