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Commonly seen issues in the manufacturing industry


Convoluted shift management process

Various types of shifts between projects makes scheduling difficult

Fitur pengaturan shift dan jadwal kerja karyawan pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Support for different shifting schemes

Use various variables such as working days, tolerance for latency, and effective dates to manage employee shifts

Fitur import data lembur dalam jumlah besar pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Import overtime data en masse

The Mass Overtime feature can import large amounts of employee overtime data without the need for time-consuming manual inputs that are prone to errors

Fitur pengaturan batas maksimal lembur pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Set the maximum limit for overtime

Ensure that the maximum time limit for employee overtime is monitored effectively to comply with government policies

Fitur request shift dan jadwal kerja pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Online shift scheduling

Changes to the shift schedule can be made by admins, or requested by employees via the app


Attendance cheating in manual systems

Duration for breaks or tardiness are not recorded correctly

Fitur dashboard attendance management pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Sync the shift schedule with fingerprint machine

Shift schedule settings are automatically synchronized with the fingerprint machine using the Mekari Fingerprint API to eliminate the risk of manual adjustments

Fitur import data kehadiran karyawan secara otomatis

Automatically import attendance data

Talenta will automatically import the clock-in and clock-out data from the fingerprint machine

Fitur untuk mengelola jam istirahat karyawan pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Track employee breaks in real time

Employees can report break-in and break-out times via the mobile application. This data can be monitored in real time to ensure employee availability

Fitur untuk memonitor aktivitas kehadiran karyawan pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Set tolerances and penalties for late comers

Tolerances and penalties for tardiness can be managed and implemented effectively thanks to the accurate and automatic recording of attendance by the system


Time-consuming payroll process

Complicate calculations for various employee types and payroll components

Fitur pengelolaan THR karyawan pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Calculations according to government regulations

Taxes, severance pay, and THR will be automatically calculated by the system based on government regulations for a more accurate and faster process.

Fitur attendance management yang terintegrasi dengan sistem payroll otomatis pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Integration between attendance and payroll

The time-consuming manual import and export procedures are no longer needed because employee attendance data is already integrated with the payroll module

Fitur payroll disbursement otomatis pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Set payroll cut-off date

Processing payroll becomes easier because it can be made based on hours or working days. Payrolls can be processed daily, weekly, to monthly without the need for manual recaps

Fitur perhitungan PPH26 pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Automatic calculations for salary, THR, and BPJS

Salary, THR, and BPJS can be calculated based on the latest UMR or the latest UMR without a complicated administrative process and in accordance with government regulations

Additional benefits for you

In accordance with government policies and regulations

Automatically follows government regulations such as UUTK, Omnibus Law, and Severance Pay

User-friendly interface

Mekari Talenta is easy to use by all people, no need for high technological literacy


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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