Healthcare Industry

Practical HR administration for improved patient care

Reduce the burden of HR administration through automation and integration so hospital personnel can focus on providing treatment

Practical HR administration for improved patient care

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Talenta provides payroll software that is integrated with attendance solutions and is equipped with a dashboard to perform complex 24/7 hospital shift management. The process of calculating and distributing salaries can be done more quickly and accurately directly through the application

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Commonly seen issues in hospitals

Difficulty in relaying sudden shift changes

Operational demands such as emergency calls are not recorded in the system

Various shift scheduling patterns to fit your needs

Manage employee shifts based on various variables such as working days, tolerance for latency, and effective dates. Updates to the schedule are communicated through the mobile app

Track emergency calls accurately

The time and duration of an employee’s attendance when doing emergency calls will be recorded accurately as overtime or as a predetermined additional compensation scheme

Get real-time updates for changes in the schedule

Changes can be made by admins, or requested by employees via the app. Thanks to the online system, the shift schedule is always updated and can be accessed from anywhere

Access shift schedule via mobile app

The latest shift schedule is updated and can be accessed online by all employees through the mobile application for fast and accurate communication

Difficulty in regularly renewing medical credentials

A decentralized database makes important data prone to be scattered

Keep employee credentials in an online database

Important information such as the validity period and suitability of employee certification can be kept in the Custom Field within the employee database to be accessed when needed

Timely notifications for credential renewal

The Announcement feature will inform employees of the need for certification renewal, as well as creating & sending a list of employees who need to do renewals to the admin

Safe & secure cloud-based storage

Employee documents can easily be uploaded to an online database with ISO 27001 security standards for 24/7 access

High risk of errors in payroll calculations

Different tax, shift, and benefit calculations for every staff

Automatic tax calculation

Choose the correct PTKP, tax configuration, and BPJS options before starting and the system will then automatically perform calculations according to applicable regulations

Integration between attendance and payroll

Overall attendance data, including changes in shift schedules and employee overtime, is automatically synchronized with the payroll module for fast & accurate payroll calculations

Automatically calculate special or professional allowances

By separating these into different components, the system will be able to recap payroll components more quickly and accurately

Additional benefits for a seamless HR process

Mobile attendance support

Clock-in and clock-out on time without the hassle of a large hospital area

Track the attendance of home care staff

Live Attendance is equipped with a GPS feature to ensure staff attendance


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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