Construction Industry

Optimal HR management in every project site

Comprehensive shift scheduling and accurate payroll calculation for all construction projects through cloud-based automated HRIS

Optimal HR management in every project site

Trusted by 3000+ businesses from various sectors

Indah Ilmi

“We were amazed with Talenta features, especially Live Attendance. With Live Attendance, employees can clock in & clock out from the plant, and become more disciplined so that employee attendance increases.”

Commonly seen issues in the construction industry

Different shift schedules per project

Shift policies and schedules per site are often different

Comprehensive shift policy setting

Talenta supports various schedule patterns such as working days, location, tolerance for delays, up to effective dates that can be set via the website or mobile app

Track employee attendance status

Preparing shift schedules based on the project roster facilitates the checking of employees who are either on leave or working to ensure sufficient manpower for each project

Full working hours are counted as same day shifts

Cross day shifts will be recorded accurately as a full shift on the same day through using the Overnight Shift feature

Fraud and scams in the attendance system

Attendance in many locations is not recorded accurately

Ensure no room for attendance fraud

Ensure attendance records for each employee accurately with attendance software that is equipped with GPS and facial recognition

Centralized database eliminates manual data recap

Reports related to employee attendance are synchronized with the main database in real time for more efficient administration and payroll processes

Synchronization with the attendance machine

Direct integration between the system and the fingerprint machine allows for automatic synchronization between employee schedules and attendance in real-time

Request for overtime without wasting time

Requests and approvals for overtime can be processed through the mobile application without a lengthy process that involves physical forms, chats, and emails

Limited internet connectivity is not a problem

Talenta’s attendance platform allows employees to clock-in & clock-out anywhere. The data will automatically be synchronized when the internet connection is back online.

Varying payroll components per project

Calculating different components per project is not easy

Payroll components are categorized accurately

Process the payroll based on employee work status by using filters for Job, Organization, or Job Level and assigning payroll components in bulk

Payroll calculation by project

Create a specific payroll component calculation formula for each project and assign the payroll component to employees per project in bulk

Automated calculation of employee benefits

Create a specific formula regarding employee benefits for on-site employees with calculations that will be automatically adjusted based on employee attendance data

Additional benefits for a seamless HR process

Employee's project details

The project type and location for each employee is recorded in the Custom Field

Digital documentation

Receipts for project expenses are securely stored online in digital format

Instant notifications

Get notifications every time there is an update regarding requests & claims

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