Access and Approval

Secure and Exclusive HR Management System

  • Stop Worrying about Data Leak
  • Restrict Access to Confidential Information
  • Take Full Controll of the Software Utilization
Access and Approval

Access and Approval Schemes

Fully control the access to every feature and database in your software and maintain information security at a maximum level at all times


Multiple Access

An HR software that is flexible and secure at the same time; everyone gains an access suited to their needs and levels under an all-encompassing supervision from the HR


Multi-layered Approval

Sometimes, decisions need to be reviewed from various perspectives; with Talenta, people from various levels can grant request approvals easily via a mobile app

Accessibility and Security in One Package

With the comprehensive features by Talenta, admins can grant, delete, and modify access whenever necessary to warrant well-organized HR processes done using the software

Eliminate the Risk of Software Abuse

Role-based access ensure that all access are authorized and restricted to the user's role, thereby sparing your company from the damage of software abuse

Easy Multi-Layered Approval Setup

Management from various levels can grant their level-based approvals using the Talenta app by Mekari

Customizable Software Access

Tailor the access arrangement to your company's needs to make the whole management simpler, more familiar, and more secure

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Multiple access is a feature that provides role-based access, thereby allowing a software to be utilized by many people at the same time without the risk of overlapping scope or unauthorized actions.

We have as many as 4 access levels: (1) Super Admin, (2) Admin, (3) Finance, and (4) Employee

You can use the default access for automatic access grants and the custom access for setting up other user access mandated by your company

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