Recruitment & Onboarding/Offboarding

A Comprehensive and Integrated Recruitment Platform

  • One-for-all software with no additional installation
  • No more missing data and corrupted files
  • Precise and live recruitment monitoring
Recruitment & Onboarding/Offboarding

Online Recruitment App

Easily monitor and manage all recruitment processes from one app, from the job listing, interview scheduling, offering, to the onboarding.


Career Page

A well-crafted career page attracts the best candidates! Put all your vacancy details up front and find the best talent for the organization.

Directly post a vacancy information from your Talenta app and enable the online application feature to reach more candidates

Tap into more candidate pools by enabling the sharing feature so that people can easily share your vacancies via their social media

Allow candidates to apply to your vacancies via app or website and continue the process online for easier monitoring by both you and the candidate

View recruitment-related information such as current live vacancies, applicant list, and ongoing onboardings from the recruitment report in the dashboard


Recruitment Process

Closely monitor the recruitment process of each applicant coveniently via the app, and ensure that you hire the best candidates out there

Have unique requirements for your recruitment process? Customize the Talenta module to suit the latest development of your organization via the custom pipeline feature

As recruitment is in multiple divisions' interests, ensure efficient task assignment among the involved stakeholders and map the whole process via a single app

Pool each applicant's background data in a single integrated database, and create an overview of it more easily

Schedule an interview and send an invitation directly to the candidate via email using Talenta's interview scheduler tool

Gather all valuable insights and feedback of a candidate from various perspectives by gathering with all relevant stakeholders in the Discussion Room


Candidate Database

Get rid of all your physical files and folders because now all candidate data is safely stored and summarized in Talenta app

You can blacklist candidates that you no longer want to interview in any given situation based on your company's policy using the blacklist feature

New to Talenta? Easily import all your old candidate data to the database system and immediately manage them from your brand new Talenta dashboard

Store all CVs submitted during the online recruitment system in the CV Bank feature so that you can always retrieve them whenever necessary

Offline CV data can be easily imported to the system to ensure that every CV is available and organized in the system



Integrated with the HRIS module, the recruitment system in Talenta provides you with the auto-onboarding feature for more efficient onboarding process

Easily retrieve any file related to a candidate/employee from the online database whenever the company needs it

Since the recruitment system is integrated with the HRIS and payroll modules, you can set up a new employee's payroll quickly

When you rehire an employee, prep less for the onboarding without having to re-input their data manually



Work termination and offboarding administration doesn’t have to be painful when all data is already centralized in a single app

Sometimes, a mass layoff is unavoidable. During the difficult time, automate all administrative task using Talenta software for an easier process

Simplify the administrative requirements when someone resigns or gets terminated from the company and ensure law-compliant actions from all parties involved

Faster and cost-efficient recruitment

Talenta’s recruitment management module is centralized data-wise and integrated with the HRIS and payroll modules to cut down the recruitment time and cost

Centralized paperless information

All information about candidates and recruitment processes are stored online and can be accessed readily via an integrated app

Simple Data Management

Managing candidates data will no longer be a burdensome task as it can be done via an app wherever you are

Internationaly-Standardized Security

Data storage and processes are safely guarded in Talenta recruitment module which has been awarded with ISO 27001 certification

Find other available management features

Talenta provides other features for you to ensure a smooth, easy, and time-efficient recruitment process

  • Access Role
  • Recruitment Notification
  • Online Document Upload
  • Photo Import
  • Offering Letter Tool

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An online recruitment app enables HRs to manage and monitor recruitment processes more easily, from candidate sourcing, interviews, offer grants, to onboardings.

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