Internal Communication

Clear and Meaningful Communication in your Company

  • Broadcast messages to all the employees
  • Save cost by communicating online
  • Improve employee engagement and get more feedback
Internal Communication

Internal Communication Platform

Communicate messages and make your employees feel heard by utilizing various online communication tools, such as virtual announcements, polls, and app notifications, to increase engagement


Virtual Announcements

Ensure that no employee is missing out on company updates by distributing information in an effective yet effortless way with Talenta



Let employees give their two cents via the Polling feature to empower a democratic spirit in the company


Event Calendar

With a virtual common Event Calendar, employees will no longer miss out any important dates of the company and the colleagues, like event dates and birthdays


Email and App Notification

Quickly broadcast the latest updates from the company to the employees via email and app notification without spending any uneccessary costs



Reminders will help your employees to be aware of important upcoming dates, such as final probation day, contract renewal, onboarding schedule, and many others.

Clear Communication is Key

With Talenta’s comprehensive internal communication feature, each news gets delivered directly to the employees in seconds

Secure Line

Since all communication is centralized in the HRIS system, security is no longer a risk


Ensure that your employees can receive information conveniently by send it directly to their mobile phone via Talenta app

Two-Way Communication

With Talenta, enable two-way communication that minimize the risk of frictions and misunderstandings between the company and the employees

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An internal communication platform is a set of feature that enables various communication methods, from broadcasts to polls to notifications, to be generated automatically for the benefit of both the company and the employees.

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