A Secure and Efficient Database Management System

  • Save space with paperless repository
  • Attain painless and faster governance
  • No more missing data and corrupted files

Cloud Employee Database Management

Streamline your database management process through an integrated, automatic, and paperless information system


Employment Data

Use only one app to manage the whole employment data, from contracts, salaries, and educational background. Everything’s at the tip of your finger.

Quickly set up employees' statuses, both contract and permanent, along with the prorate calculation without a hitch

Store your employees history data such as salary adjustment or loan status in a single, cloud-based system for effortless retrieval

By integrating the HRIS with the payroll system, calculate the prorate payment for your contractors with satisfying accuracy

Automatically modify an employee's payroll after going through PTKP status adjustment from the payroll-integrated system in the app

Entrusting a few assets to the employees? You can still take control of them from your place and minimize fraud risks via the organized system


Employee Personal Data

Centralize your employee data in a secure, standardized, and internationally-certified database system and access it conveniently via a mobile app

Since everything's centralized in one online place,various employee data (background, relatives, etc.) can be retrieved anywhere and anytime

Have more types of data to be documented? You can add your own custom field data to complement the preloaded fields from Talenta

Grant access for the employees to fill out their own personal data from their mobile phone. Much easier for them and you!


Employee Database Update

Monitor data relevancy regularly using the database update feature to ensure that all data are ready to be consumed anytime

With the bulk update feature in Talenta you can now add and update a huge portion of your database simultaneously and effortlessly

Support inter-division employee transfer by enabling a seamless data update process that require zero manual actions

Export/import employee data for various purposes, such as data analysis or any other actions outside Talenta platform

With the directory feature, simply enter the employee name in the search bar and get all relevant data in an instant from the cloud database


Employee Demographic Chart

Get an accurate overview of your employee demographic to create more accurate HR decisions via the real-time demographic charts


ISO 27001 Certification

Sleep better at night knowing that all your data is stored in a safe cloud database guaranteed with the internationally-acclaimed ISO 27001 certification

Save Time and Cost in the Employee Data Management

Talenta, an integrated app that answers all your need for an efficient employment database management with international safety certification

Integrated Information

Stop rummaging through your folders; now all information can be stored in a single online app. Save space, save the environment.

Straightforward Process

Manage various data in simplicity according to the company's needs as everything's organized neatly in one app

Standardized Security

With the ISO 27001 certification, your data is secured and processed with an international standard guarantee. One less thing to worry about!

Get more features from Talenta

Other features are available in Talenta to streamline your employee database management in a secure way

  • Self-service data modification
  • Online file directory
  • Mobile and web access
  • Multi-layered data modification approval
  • Notification (app and email)

One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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