Asset Management

Handy and Accurate Asset Management Tool

  • Easily monitor your company assets
  • Minimize the risk of asset loss or mishandling
  • Paperless and accessible asset documentation
Asset Management

Asset Database Management

With the asset database management platform, streamline your company’s asset handling from record management to asset lending monitoring with minimum to zero manual actions


Company Asset Record

Recapitulate and document all company-owned assets in a tidy manner and access the data conveniently from just a single app


Employee Asset Recapitulation

Easily monitor the company assets used and carried by the employees and minimize the risk of asset losses and frauds.


Asset Inventory

It’s pivotal for a company to have an inventory of all its assets, and with Talenta you can avoid the manual hassle when labelling and categorizing them all


Lend and Return Date

Ensure that all assets are lend in an agreeable period, monitored easily via online, and returned in due time with Talenta’s lend and return date features


Asset Data Import

Already have a list of your company’s assets? Don’t have to start from zero; just use the Import tool and you can start managing via online right away!

Adopt a Simple and Risk-Free Asset Management Practice

Mekari Talenta provides you with an extensive set of asset management features that will enable you to better identify and register your assets

Centralized in one platform

Checking up an asset's data and movement is easier when the information comes from the same database

No more duplicate entries

Since you only use one database, there should be no more risk of duplicate or mixed-up entries

Accurate asset lending recapitulation

Another benefit of using a centralized database: easier asset lending report. No need to check one by one anymore!

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An asset management platform is a tool used by HR to virtually collect the data about asset inventory, ownership, location, and utilization by the company and its employees

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