Hospitality Industry

Ensure operations run smoothly 24/7 without issues

Automated payroll solutions and complex shifting management to optimize performance for businesses with high operating hours

Ensure operations run smoothly 24/7 without issues

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Irawati Abdul Latif

“For attendance, we use Live Attendance, and it is very helpful, compared to the fingerprints that we iniatially used. With Live Attendance, attendance can be updated in real time, thus saving our time during payroll reconciliation.”

Commonly seen issues in the hospitality industry

Tricky shift scheduling during high season

Manual shift setting system is not flexible for high operations

Various shift scheduling patterns to fit your needs

Manage employee shifts based on various variables such as working days, tolerance for latency, and effective dates. Updates to the schedule are communicated through the mobile app

Import large amounts of overtime data quickly

The Mass Overtime feature can import large amounts of employee overtime data without the need for time-consuming manual inputs that are prone to errors

Recording and calculating cross-day shifts

Calculates employee overnight working hours accurately because the system will regard working hours across days as full shifts on the same day

Automatically updated online shift schedules

Changes can be made by admins, or requested by employees via the app. Thanks to the online system, the shift schedule is always updated and can be accessed from anywhere

Loopholes exist in a manual attendance system

Fraud such as feigning attendance and not reporting latency are commonly found

Real-time sync between shift and attendance

The time-consuming & error-prone process of manually moving data from the attendance machine to the database is no longer needed thanks to integration

Shift scheduling through the online app

Changes to the shift schedule can be made by admins, or requested by employees via the app and will automatically be updated on the mobile app

Track attendance in real-time anywhere

Monitor the status of employees who are currently working and on break in real time through the break-in and break-out features to ensure the availability of human resources

Set customized rules regarding attendance

Set the exact minutes that is tolerable for delays and penalties if violated so that the system can automatically keep track of each employee’s performance

Slow and inaccurate payroll process

Time consuming payroll components calculation such as service charga and tax

Input service charge incentives into payroll

Payment for service charge does not need to be done separately from employee salary and other benefits because the it is directly integrated with the payroll

Attendance and payroll integration

The system will automatically record, calculate, and export employee attendance data to speed up the payroll process and eliminate the risk of human error

Mobile access for employee payslips

Payslips can be distributed in bulk or to specific employees via the mobile app and email for convenient access and transparency

Automatically calculate allowance based on attendance

Shift allowances and delays are calculated automatically in the payroll system according to the settings and policies that can be easily updated

Additional benefits for a seamless HR process

Monitor work attire through selfie feature

Make sure employees dress up according to the appropriate work attire using the selfie feature

Secured cloud-based data storage

Store important employee documents such as KITAS in a secure and accessible online dashboard

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