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Increase on-site productivity with end-to-end HR management

Imagine if the administrative, operational, payroll and reporting processes are systemized and completed automatically. You can save up to 80% bandwidth to focus on strategies to improve production.

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One-stop solution for your HR needs in the manufacturing industry

Talent Management
  1. Recruitment
  2. Skills Management
  3. Development Program
  4. Successor Management
  5. Appraisal & Bonus
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Employee Self-Service
  1. Attendance
  2. Administrasi HR
  3. Payroll & Payslip
  4. Employee benefit
  5. Mass announcement
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Core HR
  1. Database Management
  2. Attendance & Shifting
  3. Factory Administration
  4. Payroll
  5. Policy Management
  6. Reimburse & Expense
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Productivity & Reporting
  1. Policy & Access Control
  2. People Analytics
  3. Custom Reporting
  4. Integrated Employee Survey, Request, & Submission Forms
  5. Workflow Management
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API & Integration
  1. SAP
  2. Odoo
  3. Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Acumatica
  5. Epicor
  6. Oracle
  7. Sage
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We have been trusted as industry growth partner for 35.000+ businesses in Indonesia

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Answer various challenges in the manufacturing industry

Workplace & Shifting

Manage working hours for office, factory and field employees from one online dashboard

  • Eliminate the complexity of managing onsite employee work schedules with Talenta Portal and fingerprint-integrated live attendance.
  • Get accurate attendance data with Face Recognition and GPS Tracking as well as Artificial Intelligence-based anti-fraud validation.
  • No more duplicate and mismatched schedules with Flexible Scheduling and the bulk import feature for adjusting large amounts of data at once.
  • Improve employee discipline with policy management that includes customizable maximum overtime and tolerance for latency & break duration.
  • Automatically follows government regulations on work days and holidays in accordance with applicable regulations for on-site special holidays.
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Talent Acquisition

Fast recruitment processing and better cost-efficiency with integrated recruitment management

  • Increase the attractiveness of the company through employer branding on your special job portal with the flexibility to share on social media.
  • Speed up candidate screening with CV filters and psychometric tests and add custom fields for information such as an applicant’s MCU history.
  • Increase transparency through self-service applications with the convenience of sending automatic email notifications to applicants.
  • No more manual administration with Google Calendar integration for easier interview scheduling for both hiring managers and candidates.
  • Cut up to 80% of onboarding time by integrating ATS and assessments into the employee database.
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Talent Retention

Reduce turnover rates by supporting career development and providing employee benefits transparently

  • Flexible access with the Employee Self Service (ESS) mobile application to check and update various administrative needs independently.
  • Support the financial health of employees by providing early wage access (EWA), funding, and adjustable benefits.
  • Provide opportunities for promotion and career development through the Succession Plan and Individual Development Plan features.
  • Skill gaps will no longer exist between on-site employees with standardized competency management across employees.
  • Provide rewards based on real performance with the help of the performance review system that is integrated with the payroll system.
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Payroll & Administration

Eliminate the complexity of time-consuming employee and business data management

  • No more salary calculation errors because attendance, overtime, leave data are integrated directly into the payroll system with flexible cutoffs.
  • Swiftly adjust employee administration settings including cutoff and tax calculations, severance pay, THR and BPJS based on UMR.
  • Payroll is completed in minutes without going to the bank and payslips can be accessed from the employee's mobile app without manual printing.
  • Manage cash account administration and payroll access effectively with automatic data synchronization and integration with the payroll module.
  • Save bandwidth on answering repetitive questions such as for administration, filing claims, and reimbursement with HR Helpdesk.
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Take your production management and manufacturing operations to another level with cutting-edge technology

  • Save 60% of the time wasted in managing surveys and feedback from and to employees automatically through integrated online forms.
  • Maintain data security and flow approval with access control that can be adjusted according to employee position and department.
  • Transparent processes with the comprehensive organizational structure that is integrated with company goals and employee task management.
  • Faster decision making through automatic reports with specific formatting that can be customized from the Talenta Insight module.
  • Speed up the audit process through data centralization in the HR system and integration of employee operational data with the ERP system.
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Why businesses in manufacture choose Mekari Talenta as HR solution

Ikon komputasi awan


No installation, maintenance, and development costs.

Ikon keamanan sistem

First-class security

ISO 27001 certified security system with AWS standards.

Ikon headset

Dedicated support

Implementation assistance support and reliable after-sales.

Ikon hati

No learning curve

System with a user-friendly and intuitive UI that is easy to understand.

Ikon siklus

Integration support

Open API and integration into ERP platforms and other business software.

Ikon komunitas

HR ecosystem

Networking support with the HR 101 Community in Indonesia.

Consult on how to improve the effectiveness of your HR management with Mekari Talenta.

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With Talenta, all approval requirements become paperless. Employees only need to use the Talenta app and their requests go straight into the system to be approved immediately.

Foto dari Silvana Purnamasari, HR Manager PT Samator Taiyo Nippon Sanso Indonesia
Silvana Purnama SariSamator Taiyo Nippon Sanso Indonesia
Attendance process

More effective using Live Attendance compare to the use of Fingerprint machine

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The future of HR in manufacturing

Overcome various HR management and operational challenges in the manufacturing sector through the cloud-based HR software that best understands your business. Encourage teams to be more productive, experience more efficient business processes and increase profits with Mekari Talenta.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Mekari Talenta?

Mekari Talenta is a cloud-based HR software that is used to manage the HR operations of a business as a whole. With an automated system and data integration between various modules such as attendance, payroll, to employee databases, the company’s HR administration can be completed quickly and accurately. For the manufacturing industry, Mekari Talenta is often used as a solution for ensuring accurate employee attendance records, doing salary calculations that automatically adjust to applicable regulations, storing employee data in one integrated online database, and many more use cases.

Mekari Talenta is an automated and accurate online HR system with features that cover all day-to-day employee operations and administration to manage data comprehensively from payroll, attendance management, online attendance, performance management, to custom dashboards that can be tailored to your company’s needs. In addition, with the HR analytics feature, companies will find it easier to find interesting and useful insights to carry out data-based development for their business and employees.

With Mekari Talenta, HR does not need to worry about the risk of errors or even fraud in recording employee attendance data because the Mekari Talenta online attendance application is equipped with GPS Tracking, Face Recognition, and Liveness Validation which will help HR monitor employee attendance on an ongoing basis in real-time. Not only that, HR is also facilitated with employee leave management which can be accessed via mobile device or desktop.

Of course. Until now, Mekari Talenta has been trusted by many manufacturing companies to manage all HR operations and administration for a large number of employees. For example: Electrolux, Hyundai, Arla, Samator, Unifam, and many others.

Mekari Talenta is ISO 27001-certified and authenticated with KOMINFO while also trusted by many leading companies, Mekari Talenta offers the best cloud computing-based security system to fully protect customer data privacy.

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