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Accommodate HR processes flexibly for multiple clients

Flexibly adapt HR processes for multiple employees with tens to hundreds of work locations

Accommodate HR processes flexibly for multiple clients

Trusted by 3000+ businesses from various sectors

Commonly seen issues in the outsourcing industry

Managing workforce in hundreds of different sites

Multiple types of shifts & high amounts of shift exchange across job sites

Accommodate various shifting patterns

Use various variables such as working days, tolerance for latency, and effective dates to manage employee shifts

Online shift scheduling

Changes to the shift schedule can be made by admins, or requested by employees via the app

Clock-in and clock-out from anywhere

Fingerprint machines are no longer needed because employees in different locations can be monitored through Live Attendance features which is equipped with geotagging

Access the latest shift schedule online

Employees can view their respective shift schedules on the mobile app without the need for manual communication with HR personnel

Online leave and overtime requests

Requests for leave, overtime, and attendance correction can be done online. The review and approval process can then be monitored transparently via mobile or website

Different clients with different HR policies

It is difficult to manage the different HR policies of each client

Multi-company settings for flexibility

Set HR policies for tax calculations, attendance, leave, overtime, and more for each different client company

Seamless employee transfer

Move all employee data to another workplace using the Employee Transfer feature. All activities that occur during the transfer will be saved in the employee’s data history

Different cut-off dates for payroll per client

There are many loopholes for errors in payroll calculations

Accommodate various payroll cut-off dates

Different components and payroll schedules can be set in the Payment Schedule menu every time a different payroll schedule is created

Automatically generate & distribute payslips

Payslips can be distributed in bulk or individually to specific employees via the mobile app and email for added transparency

Accurate calculations through automation

Employee attendance, leave, and overtime data will be calculated automatically according to the specified policy to speed up the process and reduce the possibility of human error

Additional benefits for you

Automatic allocation for shift allowance

Set benefits for employees who replaced other employees who are absent

Digital reimbursement process

Simplify the reimbursement process for employees at different client locations


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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