Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) usually hold a great deal of formatting based on the vacancy you are applying for, the industry you want to plunge in, the company, and more. However, there are some things that you need to know about a specific format to create the perfect CV. One of those things is whether or not you should put a photo on your CV. Some people think it can help their case if they can show their face to an employer, and if they can make themselves unique, standout and memorable amidst countless of other resumes instead of being ignored.
However some think that, unless you are working in the entertainment industry, it is generally bad thing to put a photo on a CV. Employers will always focus on things like education, skills, work experience, and anything related to it. They do not care about what you may look in a photo. Unless, you have some sort of job application for a face-driven career such as model, actress, reception, etc.
If you are totally just going to work in the business world, it is better to take your photo off and focus on your skills, experience, education, and more. After all, what employers want to know is exactly what you can do to grow their business, how you can do to make their business sell more products, to gain more profit, and tap more market.
A photo on your CV doesn’t not help your goal in approaching an employer about how you give value added to their business. Some recruiters even agree that putting things like a photo on your CV actually hurt you, and more as a distraction. While you don’t deeply analyze the industry as well as the company and your role you are applying, in most cases their answer is no.
Instead of thinking about putting a photo on your CV, just be focus on your career objectives that specifically relate to that company so that you showcase them how you can add value and make their business growing by hire you. Employers are always concerned about one thing in terms of hiring: how can you help them?
Tailor your CV and highlight relevant skills and experience to each job you are applying for, forget about the photo that totally will not help you in the hiring process. Focus on shoring up your skills and abilities to get your dream job!

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