31 Okt 2022

Monthly update: October 2022


Flexible Schedule | Attendance

With the all-new Flexible Schedule page, we have now made it possible for managers and supervisors to manage shifts through a calendar view and gain a bird’s-eye preview of all the shift schedules for each employee per day. Head on over to the Time Management tab to have a feel of our new feature!


Multiple Overtime Leave | Attendance

Now you can implement and differentiate different overtime rules for each employee. We understand that some companies may have more than one overtime rule in place, especially for companies with more than one point of operation. 

With this new feature, superadmins and admins can set more than one overtime rule for every specific employee for accurate and better overtime management.


Flexible Payslip Configuration | Payroll

Previously, payslip information is scattered throughout several tabs, and this may confuse some people. That is why we are rolling out Flexible Payslip Configuration, a new setting that provides options/flexibility to hide/show information in a payslip. 

With this, payroll data is centralized and will be easier to process by HR staff and employees alike.


Recruitment from the side of Talentics | Integration

As we have mentioned in the last monthly update, we have a new integration with Talentics to help support your needs better. Under the Recruitment tab in the main Talenta dashboard, you can access this integration to use the test assessment module from Talentics.


Payroll disbursement using branch name | Integration

Previously, whenever payroll disbursements are made through Talenta, the main company name will be shown. We have now made it possible for superadmins and admins to use the branch company/office’s name when distributing payroll. This should add another degree of flexibility and simplicity for you to set personalized configurations.


Payroll Disbursement using BCA VA | Integration

Within the Virtual Account settings in Talenta Backyard, you can now generate a BCA virtual account to disburse payroll in one go! As per the point above, you can also add a branch name for this virtual account if needed.


Kong on mobile | Integration

We have enhanced the integration flow between Talenta and Kong on Talenta mobile, for both Android and iOS versions. If your company is in Kong’s whitelist, you will be redirected to log in with your Mekari Account after updating the application, and then you can easily use the Kong integration.


Input type with Multiple Line | Forms

We have now added Multiple Line input for Forms to support questions that require long answers. With a character limit of 20.000 characters, this feature will definitely come in handy whenever you want to obtain detailed responses!


Reprimand revamp & improvement for web and mobile | HRIS

After listening to user feedback, we have improved the look and feel of the Reprimand feature to be more user-friendly. As with the previous iteration, you can add employees to the reprimand list and select both reprimand type and watchers.

Additionally, the Reprimand feature can now be accessed from the Talenta mobile application.


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