29 Nov 2022

Monthly update: November 2022


Performance review on Talenta Mobile | Performance Management

Employees can now do their performance review needs on the mobile app itself! Hurray!

Picking coworkers and submitting reviews no longer need to be done through the web on the online Talenta dashboard for a more convenient experience.


Reject review task | Performance Management

For cases where an employee picked coworkers at random for his/her performance review, the ones who are not related or involved with this employee at all can just reject the request. With this, there will be no more inaccurate and irrelevant performance reviews.


Masking employee data on API | Integration

We have been hearing that clients want to import every employee-related data through the API. Having said that, there are some data that is insignificant and thus we came up with this solution to mask certain employee data. 

In the API Data Masking tab under Settings, admins can choose which data to mask by checking through a list of checkboxes for a more organized database.


Reimbursement (Bulk Update Payment Date) | Payroll

Exporting and importing reimbursement data can now be done in bulk to save time. The system automatically checks for valid formats such as employee ID and transaction ID when you import data in bulk to ensure data correctness.


Show & hide delegation feature | Attendance

Now admins can set whether or not the delegation tab is visible for each employee through the Show/Hide Delegation in the Module tab under ESS. With this, work delegation when someone takes a time off from work should now be more organized.


Live Attendance overnight improvement | Attendance

We have improved the scheduling feature in Talenta for added convenience for employees and HR admins. Early clock-ins before the workday starts, and late clock-outs after the day changes are now recorded correctly.


Employee Transfer Table on Headcount Dashboard | HR Analytics

Within the Headcount Insights dashboard, an Employee Transfer table has been created in order for admins to more clearly see every detail regarding employee transfers. In order to search for a specific employee within the table, you can simply key in the employee’s name/ID in the search bar.


Close forms feature | Forms

Previously, a workaround needed to be done in order to stop a form from receiving submissions past the due date. Now you can simply go to your list of forms under the My Forms tab, and choose the Close Form option in order to stop it from receiving new submissions.


Satu solusi untuk semua kebutuhan HR Anda

Optimalkan pengelolaan operasi HR Anda dengan bantuan solusi terintegrasi dari Mekari Talenta.

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