30 Jun 2023

Monthly Update : December 2022


Employee and Company Management – Flexible Access Role

We enhance flexibility by allowing the enabling of attendance option on custom filter, even if the user hasn’t enabled the employee role!


Employee and Company Management – Subordinate Talenta Mobile

Access comprehensive historical cico data, providing a complete overview of employee check-ins and check-outs. Enable multi-level visibility for admins and approvers, allowing them to view multiple hierarchical levels of subordinates!



Employee and Company Management – Employee Transfer Improvement

Automated cost center assignment based on payroll info, easy attachment of multiple files, and seamless integration with Document Templates for efficient workflows.


Time Management

Streamline time management by automating the generation of overtime documents for companies that require hard copies for overtime requests, ensuring efficient processing and documentation.


Productivity and Engagement – Logic Jump for Forms +

Logic Jump capabilities across all forms, allowing for branching questions that dynamically adapt based on respondents’ previous answers, ensuring a personalized and seamless form experience.


Talenta Integration – Custom Description on PaDi

Simplify bank account transfers with Talenta’s integration by enabling users to input custom descriptions, ensuring that they appear on the employee’s bank account mutation for enhanced clarity and record-keeping.


Talenta Integration – Zendesk Helpdesk on Mobile

Say goodbye to the complexities of WhatsApp-based channels and enjoy a streamlined process for submitting inquiries, receiving timely responses, and accessing a comprehensive help center.



Payroll & Financial – BPJS  Report Improvement

Enhanced BPJS report management with Talenta’s improved integration, specifically designed to improve the SIPP template. Simplify the process of generating BPJS reports by leveraging our optimized integration.


Payroll & Financial – Payslip Improvement

Elevated payroll and financial processes with enhanced payslip features. Enjoy improved functionality with additional filters, allowing for easy and efficient sorting and retrieval of payslips!



Time Management – Special Holiday

Introducing the Special Holiday feature in Talenta! Simplify holiday management with the ability to centralize information on National Holidays, Company Holidays, and Special Holidays under the Time Management setting.



Time Management – Liveness Validation

Safeguard attendance integrity with advanced live validation, detecting and preventing fraudulent activities by verifying the authenticity of the taken selfie to ensure it is a genuine face.



Performance Management & Friends – Automatic Review Cycle

Streamline your performance management process with Talenta’s Automatic Review Cycle feature. Eliminate manual review scheduling by setting up automated cycles for performance evaluations, ensuring timely and consistent assessments.



Performance Management & Friends – Review and Goals Report Enhancement

Streamline performance reviews by easily generating detailed reports that highlight achievements, areas for improvement, and goal milestones.



Satu solusi untuk semua kebutuhan HR Anda

Optimalkan pengelolaan operasi HR Anda dengan bantuan solusi terintegrasi dari Mekari Talenta.

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