29 Jul 2022

Monthly update: July 2022


Succession Plan | Performance Management

With the all-new Succession Plan, you can create competency management to list competencies that will be used in creating the succession pool for each key position in the company.


Organization Chart for employees | HRIS

Employees in large enterprises and companies can now view their company’s organization chart based on the toggle feature setting on the web. Employees can now get to know their peers and understand their roles & responsibilities better.


Payroll information | Payroll

We have improved information visibility on the payment schedule for payroll. Now individuals can access their payroll information easily, and admins can export the Payroll Component List in the Update Payroll Component to gain necessary information when needed.


Component type & component name in transaction index | Payroll

We have revamped the look of our transaction index. In the old interface, while users can directly identify both Component Name and Component Type, the amount of information on the screen can get overwhelming.

Thus we have opted to improve the Component Name and Component Type fields to show “+(count remaining) others” when there is more than one component.


Document templates | HRIS

Creating and editing documents on Talenta is now more efficient than ever! We understand that ease of use is of utmost importance, and thus we have these improvements to share with you:

  • Users can now import document templates directly from .xls and .docx files
  • Generate templates that are more than one page long
  • Generate templates that include images; both static and dynamic
  • Generate templates with page margins and indentation
  • Generate templates with e-sign capabilities

With these changes, we hope that HR staff can make better reports such as customized payslips with less time and effort.


Summary for time off taken | Attendance

We have eliminated the need to manually create aggregate reports per branch/organization for time off taken report. Yes, you heard that right! Superadmins and admins can now generate a time off summary report by accessing the Log History under Time Off, and clicking Export.


Input type on forms | Forms

We have rolled out quality of life improvements on forms to make it easier for HR staff to create forms. Now you can have phone number, email, date, and grid scale input assistance.

We also made it possible for admins to edit questions even after the forms are published, and additionally, we made an option to limit responses to one per respondent. Hopefully these quality of life improvements will save you more time and effort in creating customized forms.


Bulk option for upload, assigning reviewers & score adjustments | Performance Management

More quality of life improvements are coming for Performance Management. We have now made it possible for admins to do things in bulk, which will definitely save time when managing performance reviews for a lot of employees.


Talenta demo enhancement

The demo for Talenta is a great way for new users to explore and have a feel of our integrated HRIS system. Previously, after signing up for the demo, new users can browse through the demo for 1 session/day before needing to re-register. Now we have made it so new users can have a trial period of 7-days so they will have more time to experience how Talenta works.


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