30 Jun 2022

Monthly update: June 2022


Revamp company information | HRIS

As part of our vision of an all-in-one business solution, relevant data in Company Information is now synchronized with the Mekari growth ecosystem. You can now seamlessly use our integrated products without the hassle of repetitive data input.


Approval list for admins | HRIS 

Previously, the approval list menu can only be accessed by the superadmin. For example, things can get very slow when there is only 1 superadmin to take care of 200 employees.

Therefore, we have now made it so that admins can also view the approval list menu in order to help monitor pending requests.


Files reminder and improvements | HRIS

We have made a few adjustments to file management based on the feedback that we have received from our clients (we hear you!)

Employees will now have a reminder to download files, and new joiners will have better visibility of files that need to be downloaded.

There will also be a download log to help everybody keep better track of their file download history, and we have also added an option for admins and superadmins to upload files in bulk to save time.


Historical Data for Request Change Data on Talenta Mobile | HRIS

The Request Change Data feature is frequently used by employees who want to update their data. Previously, we do not have a page to retrieve all the information related to request change data history, so most likely users can get lost since they do not have access to any list to monitor or check the progress of their change data request.

Now every change data request can be tracked with ease on a simple and accessible log.


User Experience on Employee Directory | HRIS

We have revamped the look and feel of our Employee Directory in hopes of making it easier for users to navigate through the list of employees.


Revamp request overtime on mobile | Attendance 

We have updated the UI for requesting overtime on the mobile app. It is more user-friendly so employees can quickly record their overtime without any difficulties.


Overtime max. hour limit | Attendance

Based on the overtime regulation in PP No.35 Tahun 2021, the maximum duration for overtime per day is  4 hours, and 18 hours per week. To make it easier for you, we have implemented this policy into Talenta so you do not need to worry about any misconduct.


Grace period setting | Attendance

You can now set a grace period, which is the tolerance that can be used to determine how much time the employee is categorized as late in or early out. With this, employee payroll can be calculated more accurately.


Offline Talenta Porta | Talenta Portal

We understand that in some areas there is little to no internet access, so we have now made it possible for Talenta Portal to be used without an internet connection.


Payment disbursement with Mekari Pay | Integration 

Development and system implementation for easier payment disbursements through integration with Mekari Pay is getting rolled out. We hope to achieve a complete rollout by September 2022.


Overtime Insight Dashboard | HR Analytics

We have improved the Overtime Insight Dashboard which provides insight into the overtime activities of regular employees in a company.

The summary of overtime duration, costs, to top employee overtime details will be provided in order for you to accurately analyze the overtime performance of a specific division, branch, and even the whole company.


Employee Tax Report | Payroll

HR staff who manages employees’ payroll administration, rejoice! Talenta now supports email distribution for employee tax slips across all types (A1, VI, VII.) We have also made other improvements related to tax slips/reports.

Click here to view the full improvements to employee tax report management.


Satu solusi untuk semua kebutuhan HR Anda

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