6 Ways a Woman Should Gain a Respect in The Workplace

By Ervina LutfiPublished 09 Mar, 2017 Diperbarui 20 Maret 2024

Every person should deserve the same respect in the workplace, Including woman. Gain a respect is something.

gaining the respect from others is something many people want to achieve. Especially for woman, gain a respect is important because they often have unfair treatment in the workplace.

At some point in your life, your team will be jealous of you or your client will ignore you.

In other words ‘treat people on how you want to be treated – completely doesn’t fit in the workplace. The following tips will present valuable insight into the process of gaining and keeping respect in the workplace:

Gain a Respect for Woman in The Workplace

1. Value yourself more

It’s important to invest in your skills, show them that you are worthy and capable of such responsibilities. Appearance and communication abilities are also some of the best investments and must be as polished as our work.

2. Bring your patience

Sometimes it’s hard to deal with colleague who works with his/her ways that you don’t fit in. Everyone brings unique abilities and skills to the workforce, it’s important to bring your patience when dealing as this entitled you to become a respected member of the organization.

3. Be brave enough to say ‘NO’

Being polite and doing everything they asked are the misconception to gain and keep respect from your workers. If you do anything they wanted and being focus on being liked, you will surely be taken advantage of.

Learning to say no is one of the aspect to earn respect from yourself as well as those around you. Remember to be firm and direct when you want to refuse.

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4. Quit saying sorry for everything you do

Maybe you want to say something to your boss with, “I’m sorry to bother you, but….”. Saying sorry is a reflection of a bad habit that can morph into a reflex reaction.

This behavior can be exhausting to everyone around you. The right time to apologize at work is when you hurt someone or go back on your word.

5. Be professional, avoid gossip

It’s fun and even insightful to know about your co-workers personal life, but by doing so, you are spoiling your reputation as a trustworthy employee more than the person about whom you are talking.

People around you will be less likely to share personal information about their lives or about the company. These behavior are likely to gain respect especially if you are based in a small company size where attributes can be easily analyzed.

6. Emotionally Mature with Workplace Conflict

While the former can be avoided, workplace conflict is unavoidable and yet unpleasant aspect in the workplace.

The attribute to recognize and understand the nature of conflict will help you to strengthen professional relationship and easily earn the respect of those around you.

2017 is the year you as a woman have to make this happen, starting with confidence for your career advancement. Be seen and be heard.


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