31 Mei 2022

Monthly update: May 2022


Revamp run payroll | Payroll

We have updated the UI for running payroll. The new display maintains the functionality that existed in the old display, with slight improvements to help you do the Run Payroll process easier.

Click here for an in-depth guide on running payroll on the new display.


Date attributes for reimbursement | Payroll

Superadmins and admins can now fill in the Effective Date field for reimbursement requests through the Reimbursement sub-menu under Finance. This will make it easier for everybody to keep track of all those reimbursements.


Tactical initiatives to support MSN PA | Performance Management

We have made it possible for admins to now differentiate between permanent and non-permanent employees for a more organized performance review process. 

Additionally, manager-level employees can further curate the selected peers for their subordinate’s performance review to raise objectivity and seek better results.

Last but not least, we also fixed the Pending Action bar to correctly display an employee’s performance review progress. No more inconsistencies!


Managing personal info on Talenta mobile | Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employees can now easily update their emergency contact information under Emergency Contact, and their education history under Education & Experience.


Revamp attendance setting | Attendance

The UI for Attendance has been renewed for a better viewing experience, and to make it easier for users to record their attendance.


Satu solusi untuk semua kebutuhan HR Anda

Optimalkan pengelolaan operasi HR Anda dengan bantuan solusi terintegrasi dari Mekari Talenta.

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