03 Jul 2023

Monthly Update : June 2023


Time Management | Show and Hide ESS Features

Gain the flexibility to hide specific features that are not utilized by your company, ensuring employees do not submit any data for those unused features.


Time Management | Request Attendance Support Overnight Cases

Effortlessly handle scenarios involving early check-ins and late clock-outs spanning different days. With the option to select specific dates, employees can accurately capture their attendance records, ensuring precise tracking of overnight shifts.


Talenta Integration | BNI VA Migration

Simplify your financial management with Talenta’s BNI Virtual Account (VA) Migration feature. Seamlessly migrate to a new BNI VA number within the platform, eliminating manual updates and ensuring uninterrupted payment processes.


Talenta Integration | Backyard Integration

Connect your back-end systems and streamline data flow for a more efficient and consolidated HR management experience. Simplify your HR processes and enhance data accuracy with Talenta’s seamless Backyard Integration.


Payroll & Financial | Daily Allowance and Deduction Report Improvement

Boost your payroll and financial management with Talenta’s enhanced Daily Allowance and Deduction Report feature. Gain valuable insights into daily allowances and deductions, enabling precise financial analysis and informed decision-making.



Performance Management & Friends | Payroll Group Enhancement

Easily manage and organize employee payroll information within specific groups, providing a more detailed and efficient payroll process.



Productivity and Engagement | Attendance Insight

Effortlessly track and analyze attendance data to identify your most dedicated employees, track time-off trends, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your workforce’s attendance behavior.


Employee and Company Management | Employee Transfer

Effortlessly manage multiple employee transfers within a single payroll period with Talenta’s Employee Transfer feature. Seamlessly transfer employees to different work locations, decoupled from specific branches and ensuring accurate




Employee and Company Management | Unified Demo Env Scenario UAT

Easily register and set up a new demo environment, allowing you to efficiently test and validate scenarios in a unified and controlled testing environment.




Payroll & Financial | THR Improvement

Through iterative enhancements in multiple touchpoints, we aim to deliver a more robust and accurate THR feature, ensuring seamless calculation processes and clear information presentation.


Time Management | Required Check in and Check out setting

Set mandatory check-in and check-out requirements for your employees, ensuring they accurately record their working hours. Improve attendance accuracy and streamline time management processes with Talenta’s Required Check-in and Check-out setting.


Time Management | Set Inactive for Master Schedule

Efficiently manage master schedules in Talenta’s Time Management module with the Inactive setting. Easily mark master schedules as inactive when they are no longer needed, ensuring streamlined scheduling processes.


Payroll & Financial | Ex-Employee Allowance Validation

Enhance the validation process for ex-employee allowances in Talenta’s Payroll & Financial module. Improve the accuracy and reliability of ex-employee allowance calculations by implementing robust validation checks.


Performance Management & Friends | Lock Review Results

Safeguard sensitive performance data by allowing authorized users to lock review results, preventing any further modifications or access to the evaluation outcomes.


Employee & Company Engagement | Bulk Import Grade and Class

Eliminate the tedious task of manually entering or updating grade and class information by enabling a convenient bulk import option.




Time Management – Set Active Inactive Master Shift

Enable easy management of master shifts in Talenta’s Time Management module with the Active/Inactive setting. Seamlessly activate or deactivate master shifts based on your organization’s needs, ensuring efficient scheduling and time tracking.



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