03 Jul 2023

New Update: June 2023


Productivity & Engagement | Headcount Insight

Headcount Insight is released! Easily view team members, the tenure, reprimands, and new hires in one place. Gain valuable insights into your company’s workforce and make informed decisions for better HR management.


Productivity & Engagement | Auto Generate Document Number

Auto Generate Document Number is released! Save time and ensure accuracy with an automated system that eliminates manual document number assignment. Experience consistent numbering, avoiding duplication and errors.


Payroll & Financial | Tax Report

Manage payroll component mapping settings for the 1721-A1 Tax Report in Talenta. The Annual tax slip can be customized based company’s tax configuration.


Payroll & Financial | Payslip Setting

Now Superadmin can easily manage employee payslip settings through the Payroll menu. In the Payslip Settings, Superadmin have the access to hide or show the information displayed on the Payslip Information.


Employee & Company Management | Sign Date

Now admin can input and modify sign date based on changes in employment status! This will impact how HR Admin calculates allowances, policy time off, and others, ensuring more precise results.


Performance Management & Friends

Rounding in Goals has been removed, enabling users to set and measure goals with exact values. This eliminates the need for rounding and provides precise goal tracking and accurate progress monitoring.


Productivity & Engagement

The availability of short code feature simplifies HR processes by streamlining the generation of employee payroll data in document templates, reducing manual effort and ensuring data accuracy.


Talenta Integration | Auto Toggle

Easily manage add-ons with the new feature that allows toggling on and activation from the billing side, streamlining the process. Additionally, the backyard toggle for add-ons is hidden, ensuring a simplified experience for users.


Talenta Integration | BCA Static Transfer

Transfer funds to BCA Xendit account, experience instant execution without the need for manual intervention!


Talenta Integration | Reimbursement-Disbursement

Integrate seamlessly reimbursements for efficient disbursement processes and end-to-end integration. Streamline non-THP reimbursements with separate disbursement options.


Time Management | Location Setting

Discover the enhanced location setting page for streamlined attendance management, set up locations for live attendance and assign employees to specific location setting effortlessly.


Payroll & Financial | Flexible Payroll Management

Experience flexible and customizable payroll management with Talenta’s Payroll & Financial module. Allowing for easy configuration of payroll components, calculations, and policies.



Time Management | Flexible Overtime Expiration

Enhance your overtime management in Talenta’s Time Management module by adding a new “days” option to the “overtime expired after” setting. Allowing you to define the duration in days for overtime validity.

Employee & Company Management | Custom Field Self Edit – Website and Mobile

Employees can conveniently self-edit custom fields within the “Additional Info” section on both browser and mobile app, ensuring their personal details are up to date using text input, text area, dropdown lists, and datepicker options.



Time Management | Time Off History

Explore the new Time Off History page for a clear summary of your balance and detailed log records. Easily track your beginning balance, time off taken, adjustments, expirations, and ending balance. Get a comprehensive view of your time-off history with detailed log records.


Performance Management & Friends | Competency Management

Streamline your organization’s talent development with the Competency Management feature. Easily define, track, and assess employee skills, knowledge, and behaviors to drive targeted training and bridge skill gaps for enhanced performance.


Employee & Company Management | Offboarding

Simplify offboarding processes with Offboarding feature, enabling organizations to manage employee departures smoothly. From checklist management to automated workflows, ensure a seamless transition for departing employees and the company.


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