Your data is safe with us


All your sensitive data are transmitted under 256-bit SSL encryption, one of the most secure encryption standard. They are stored fully encrypted in our database and on our servers. We are also GeoTrust verified with AES-256 cipher suite. However, just like every system, security is the responsibility of the provider and the user. So please choose a strong password and not distribute it to anyone else.

Data Center

Talenta is hosted at Amazon Web Services, to provide you the best security that is designed and maintained according to strictest regulations and standards.

Back-up and Review

Our database is backed up daily so you should not have to worry about data loss. We also review our server, database, and applications on a quarterly basis so that any findings can be taken care of immediately. Any issues found will be dealt with immediately or you’ll have the right to complain.

Account Information

All your sensitive data, including your billing information, is secured and encrypted with the highest security standard. Talenta and all of the team members will not be able to access any information you enter and any documents or files you upload. We have a very secure internal procedure in place to prevent any employees or administrators from accessing your account. Talenta also keeps a history of who accessed your account and we audit the history periodically to make sure that everything is secure.

Any Concerns?

Still worried or confused or curious? Contact us now and we’ll do our best to respond to you immediately.

Last update: 04 Jul 2019

Apa yang bisa kami lakukan untuk Anda?

Miliki sistem HR tepercaya dengan mencoba Talenta sekarang! Ikuti 3 cara berikut tanpa rasa khawatir untuk mendapatkan sistem HR yang lebih mudah:

Jadwalkan Demo 1:1

Undang kami untuk datang ke kantor Anda dan berdiskusi lebih lanjut tentang Talenta.

Ikuti Demo

Ikuti Workshop Talenta

Datang dan bergabung di workshop untuk ketahui lebih lanjut tentang Talenta.

Daftar Workshop

Coba Demo Interaktif

Coba akun demo langsung dan temukan bagaimana Talenta dapat membantu Anda.

Coba Gratis
Suka dengan Artikelnya?Talenta punya lebih banyak buat kamu!

Dapatkan konten premium mulai dari artikel, ebook, case study, white papers, infographic dengan berlangganan sekarang!

Suka dengan artikelnya?Dapatkan artikel HR premium langsung di email Anda!

Jadilah orang pertama yang akan mendapatkan artikel premium mulai dari study case, infographic, ebook, hingga white paper.