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  • Advanced Performance Management
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Monthly update: November 2022


Performance review on Talenta Mobile | Performance Management

Employees can now do their performance review needs on the mobile app itself! Hurray!

Picking coworkers and submitting reviews no longer need to be done through the web on the online Talenta dashboard for a more convenient experience.


Reject review task | Performance Management

For cases where an employee picked coworkers at random for his/her performance review, the ones who are not related or involved with this employee at all can just reject the request. With this, there will be no more inaccurate and irrelevant performance reviews.


Masking employee data on API | Integration

We have been hearing that clients want to import every employee-related data through the API. Having said that, there are some data that is insignificant and thus we came up with this solution to mask certain employee data. 

In the API Data Masking tab under Settings, admins can choose which data to mask by checking through a list of checkboxes for a more organized database.


Reimbursement (Bulk Update Payment Date) | Payroll

Exporting and importing reimbursement data can now be done in bulk to save time. The system automatically checks for valid formats such as employee ID and transaction ID when you import data in bulk to ensure data correctness.


Show & hide delegation feature | Attendance

Now admins can set whether or not the delegation tab is visible for each employee through the Show/Hide Delegation in the Module tab under ESS. With this, work delegation when someone takes a time off from work should now be more organized.


Live Attendance overnight improvement | Attendance

We have improved the scheduling feature in Talenta for added convenience for employees and HR admins. Early clock-ins before the workday starts, and late clock-outs after the day changes are now recorded correctly.


Employee Transfer Table on Headcount Dashboard | HR Analytics

Within the Headcount Insights dashboard, an Employee Transfer table has been created in order for admins to more clearly see every detail regarding employee transfers. In order to search for a specific employee within the table, you can simply key in the employee’s name/ID in the search bar.


Close forms feature | Forms

Previously, a workaround needed to be done in order to stop a form from receiving submissions past the due date. Now you can simply go to your list of forms under the My Forms tab, and choose the Close Form option in order to stop it from receiving new submissions.

Monthly update: October 2022


Flexible Schedule | Attendance

With the all-new Flexible Schedule page, we have now made it possible for managers and supervisors to manage shifts through a calendar view and gain a bird’s-eye preview of all the shift schedules for each employee per day. Head on over to the Time Management tab to have a feel of our new feature!


Multiple Overtime Leave | Attendance

Now you can implement and differentiate different overtime rules for each employee. We understand that some companies may have more than one overtime rule in place, especially for companies with more than one point of operation. 

With this new feature, superadmins and admins can set more than one overtime rule for every specific employee for accurate and better overtime management.


Flexible Payslip Configuration | Payroll

Previously, payslip information is scattered throughout several tabs, and this may confuse some people. That is why we are rolling out Flexible Payslip Configuration, a new setting that provides options/flexibility to hide/show information in a payslip. 

With this, payroll data is centralized and will be easier to process by HR staff and employees alike.


Recruitment from the side of Talentics | Integration

As we have mentioned in the last monthly update, we have a new integration with Talentics to help support your needs better. Under the Recruitment tab in the main Talenta dashboard, you can access this integration to use the test assessment module from Talentics.


Payroll disbursement using branch name | Integration

Previously, whenever payroll disbursements are made through Talenta, the main company name will be shown. We have now made it possible for superadmins and admins to use the branch company/office’s name when distributing payroll. This should add another degree of flexibility and simplicity for you to set personalized configurations.


Payroll Disbursement using BCA VA | Integration

Within the Virtual Account settings in Talenta Backyard, you can now generate a BCA virtual account to disburse payroll in one go! As per the point above, you can also add a branch name for this virtual account if needed.


Kong on mobile | Integration

We have enhanced the integration flow between Talenta and Kong on Talenta mobile, for both Android and iOS versions. If your company is in Kong’s whitelist, you will be redirected to log in with your Mekari Account after updating the application, and then you can easily use the Kong integration.


Input type with Multiple Line | Forms

We have now added Multiple Line input for Forms to support questions that require long answers. With a character limit of 20.000 characters, this feature will definitely come in handy whenever you want to obtain detailed responses!


Reprimand revamp & improvement for web and mobile | HRIS

After listening to user feedback, we have improved the look and feel of the Reprimand feature to be more user-friendly. As with the previous iteration, you can add employees to the reprimand list and select both reprimand type and watchers.

Additionally, the Reprimand feature can now be accessed from the Talenta mobile application.

Monthly update: September 2022


Individual Development Plan | Performance Management

We are proud to introduce the new Individual Succession Plan! HR staff can support potential talents within the company to grow towards their career goals in accordance with their aspirations through a comprehensive task planner and competency checklist in order to boost retention numbers and reduce the cost of hiring new talent.


Payroll history index | Payroll

Managing payroll in big companies just got easier. We understand that large enterprises may have different payroll schedules per branch, so we are rolling out the payroll history index to help you keep track of all your payroll history across each branch office.


Quicksight by Specialist under Custom Dashboard | HR Analytics

Custom Dashboard has always been a feature where users can request a specific set of insights to be shown. With Quicksight by Specialist, users can ask for a personalized dashboard made by specialists.

Users will be able to list their breakdown of needs, which will be then forwarded to the Talenta Insights team to check. After checking whether or not the data required exists, specialists can then start editing the dashboard as per the users’ initial request.

We hope that with Quicksight by Specialist, companies can benefit from easier-to-analyze insights, which in turn will translate to relevant and time-effective decision-making.


New recruitment partner entry point | Integration

In line with our recent integration with Recruitment by Talentics, we have added a Recruitment link under Applications in Talenta Backyard. By following the link, users can quickly learn more about the integration and also request to have the integration applied to their Talenta system.


Mekari Expense landing page | Integration

Under the integrations index page, we have provided a link for users to view the landing page for Mekari Expense, which you could use to manage expense policies and manage approvals & reimbursements securely. 


Scheduled emails on Report Builder | HRIS

We have made it possible for users to receive automatically-generated reports via email on a fixed schedule, which will be sent daily at 8 AM by the system. By selecting this option in the Report Builder tab, HR will have access to timely reports without fail.


Push notifications for tasks | HRIS

Previously, updates to certain tasks which are assigned to employees will be sent through email. We understand that these emails can get lost under the sheer number of new emails, and that is why we are applying push notifications to remind employees of updates and upcoming due dates for their assigned tasks.


Group Structure | HRIS

We have improved the Group Structure field under an employee’s employment data. You can organize employees into groups such as permanent or temporary, or branch office and HQ. This grouping is optional, so you can just select nothing if grouping is not necessary.


Job Position | HRIS

We have a small update in regard to the Job Position tab under Company settings. The filters can now be used to sort through different employees in different locations, making it easier for HR personnel to browse the employee database when needed.


Reminder and notifications | Forms

Forms that are distributed to employees often have time limits, and to make sure that all employees involved can fill in the forms before the due date, we made it possible to send reminders from the system.

Not only that, form creators can have reminders for incoming form submissions to make it easier to manage and keep track of who has and who has not submitted their forms. 


Integration index page revamp | Integration

We now have improved the visibility for integrations. Previously, superadmins and admins can only see the integrations when going to Company Settings. Now you can access the integrations index page by clicking on the Integrations link under Quick Links in the main dashboard.

Furthermore, we also added details for each integration to make it easier for users to understand how each integration works with Talenta.


Cost Center Report integration with ERP | Integration

In the integration index page, we have added two new integrations for cost centers. These two integrations are M365 Central Cost Center, and Odoo Analytic Account.

Monthly update: August 2022


PKWT compensation | Payroll

In accordance with government policies, PKWT workers who have worked for twelve months are eligible for a compensation of one month’s wage. PKWT workers who have worked less than twelve months are given a proportionally calculated amount of wages.


NPWP using NIK (PMK No. 112/PMK.03/2022) | Payroll

In accordance with new government policies, NPWP using NIK will be valid automatically after matching starting from January 1, 2024.


Revamp attendance index and detail page | Attendance

We now have a new look on the attendance index & detail page. As of this release, most of the functionality stays the same and there are improvements from the user experience side with real-time monitoring dashboard from the Talenta Insight page to the attendance index page.


Revamp time off modules on mobile | Attendance

The design & functionality of the time-off feature in Talenta mobile is now simplified to make sure that the information is clear for employees to submit and review their time-off request & approval process.


Headcount dashboard | HR Analytics

We have further refined our headcount dashboard to suit your needs better. You can now view a chart of employee turnover breakdown based on service length, and also export the chart as CSV.


Different KR measurement types & polarity down | Performance Management

We have made improvements to measuring KRs in order to gauge employee performance in accordance with the company’s needs.


Enable/disable Loan Module for Flex Installment | Integration

Companies who are using the Flex Installment integration with Mekari Flex can have better visibility of the Flex Installment integration within the backyard, and also have the option to turn the Loan Module on or off.

Monthly update: July 2022


Succession Plan | Performance Management

With the all-new Succession Plan, you can create competency management to list competencies that will be used in creating the succession pool for each key position in the company.


Organization Chart for employees | HRIS

Employees in large enterprises and companies can now view their company’s organization chart based on the toggle feature setting on the web. Employees can now get to know their peers and understand their roles & responsibilities better.


Payroll information | Payroll

We have improved information visibility on the payment schedule for payroll. Now individuals can access their payroll information easily, and admins can export the Payroll Component List in the Update Payroll Component to gain necessary information when needed.


Component type & component name in transaction index | Payroll

We have revamped the look of our transaction index. In the old interface, while users can directly identify both Component Name and Component Type, the amount of information on the screen can get overwhelming.

Thus we have opted to improve the Component Name and Component Type fields to show “+(count remaining) others” when there is more than one component.


Document templates | HRIS

Creating and editing documents on Talenta is now more efficient than ever! We understand that ease of use is of utmost importance, and thus we have these improvements to share with you:

  • Users can now import document templates directly from .xls and .docx files
  • Generate templates that are more than one page long
  • Generate templates that include images; both static and dynamic
  • Generate templates with page margins and indentation
  • Generate templates with e-sign capabilities

With these changes, we hope that HR staff can make better reports such as customized payslips with less time and effort.


Summary for time off taken | Attendance

We have eliminated the need to manually create aggregate reports per branch/organization for time off taken report. Yes, you heard that right! Superadmins and admins can now generate a time off summary report by accessing the Log History under Time Off, and clicking Export.


Input type on forms | Forms

We have rolled out quality of life improvements on forms to make it easier for HR staff to create forms. Now you can have phone number, email, date, and grid scale input assistance.

We also made it possible for admins to edit questions even after the forms are published, and additionally, we made an option to limit responses to one per respondent. Hopefully these quality of life improvements will save you more time and effort in creating customized forms.


Bulk option for upload, assigning reviewers & score adjustments | Performance Management

More quality of life improvements are coming for Performance Management. We have now made it possible for admins to do things in bulk, which will definitely save time when managing performance reviews for a lot of employees.


Talenta demo enhancement

The demo for Talenta is a great way for new users to explore and have a feel of our integrated HRIS system. Previously, after signing up for the demo, new users can browse through the demo for 1 session/day before needing to re-register. Now we have made it so new users can have a trial period of 7-days so they will have more time to experience how Talenta works.


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