01 Jul 2023

Monthly Update: January 2023


Time Management – Revamp Assign Schedule

We have merged the flexibility of flexible schedules with the existing Assign Schedule page, allowing for more versatile and convenient scheduling options!


Time Management – Accessible Role on Attendance Index

Admins and super admins can create custom roles to control actions and data visibility based on user needs. Customize access permissions to ensure the right level of information while maintaining data privacy and security.


Payroll & Financial – Delete Payroll Data from Backyard

Empower your support/specialist team to independently delete payroll data from the backyard. Enhance productivity and workflow efficiency by enabling direct deletion, putting control in the hands of your team for seamless data management.


Payroll & Financial – Salary Summary Report 

Gain deeper insights into your organization’s payroll calculations by aggregating data based on branches, job positions, or other specific factors!


Performance Management & Friends – Company and Organization Goals

Set and align clear, measurable goals at both company and organizational levels, ensuring everyone is working towards a unified vision.


Performance Management & Friends – Bulk Close Goals

Streamline your goal management process with Talenta’s Bulk Close Goals feature in Performance Management. Easily close multiple goals at once, saving time and effort for both managers and employees.


Productivity & Engagement – Forms

Edit your forms effortlessly, including changing question titles and input types, even after submissions have been made.


Employee and Company Management – Employee Transfer

Simplify and streamline your employee management process with Talenta’s Employee Transfer feature. Seamlessly handle a variety of transfers, including promotions, mutations, demotions, contract extensions, rotations, and more.


Satu solusi untuk semua kebutuhan HR Anda

Optimalkan pengelolaan operasi HR Anda dengan bantuan solusi terintegrasi dari Mekari Talenta.

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