10 Jan 2024

Monthly Update : December 2023


Talenta Integration | Multiple Payroll Disbursement

Now, you can customize your payroll process with dynamic split payment options. Choose from three types: percentage of Take Home Pay (THP), fixed amounts, or selected payroll components.


Productivity & Engagement | PKWT Calculation Based on Days

Now, you can choose between the month-based and day-based calculation methods on the Talenta Backyard.


Payroll & Financial | Payroll Cut-off & Attendance Information on Payslip (Weekly PS Payslip) Adjustment

This improvement enables users to see their payroll cut-off & attendance details on the Payslip when selecting the weekly filter.


Time Management | Block Leave History Page

Admins can view a list of employees who took block leave in the selected date range on the Block Leave History Page. Metrics also show the count of employees who have and haven’t taken block leave this year.


Performance Management & Friends | Custom Negative Indicator Score

Empower users to incorporate custom negative indicators in reviews. These serve as cues to deduct employees’ final scores based on reviewers’ input, providing a nuanced evaluation process.


Productivity & Engagement | Timesheet Approval

Streamline the timesheet approval process for efficient review and approval of employees’ worked hours, reducing administrative tasks. This feature ensures accurate recording of work hours, minimizing errors in project cost calculations. Additionally, timesheet approval functionality plays a crucial role in enforcing company policies and compliance measures.


Productivity & Engagement | Airene – Follow up questions / conversation

Airene now gets better at understanding if your question connects to what you’ve asked before or if it’s something new. When it’s related, Airene can answer your follow-up questions more effectively,


Satu solusi untuk semua kebutuhan HR Anda

Optimalkan pengelolaan operasi HR Anda dengan bantuan solusi terintegrasi dari Mekari Talenta.

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