Talent Management / Succession Plan
Introducing Succession Plan

No more talent gaps with smart successor management!

Now you can create a talent pipeline of successors to ensure that your business keeps running smoothly when inevitable turnovers occur.

  • Save time and cost needed to find an employee's replacement.
  • Avoid talent scarcity when candidate-driven market exists.
  • Better reputation as a talent destination.
  • Keep better track of potential valuable employees.

Here’s how it works

When an employee leaves, a ripple effect happens and talent gaps are created. It may be most evident when the key leader leaves, but any hole can leave a profound impact even at lower levels. Now you can worry less with these 3 simple steps.

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Step 1

Create succession pool

Set key positions, divisions, and other administrative options such as tenure and work contracts.
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Step 2

Assess employee performance

Use the competency assessment that is integrated to Performance Review, or assess it manually.
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Step 3

Set readiness level or promotion

Make smart decisions based on assessment results to set readiness level or directly promote employees.

Get started

This feature is available as part of Talent Management along with Individual Development Plan and Competency Management. If you have subscribed to Talent Management feature, you can use this feature for free.

Address talent gaps objectively with Succession Plan

Design, improve, and implement effective succession planning for addressing talent gaps on demand.