Time Management

Time, the company’s priceless asset.

Inaccurate time management can bring some loss to the business. At Talenta, we understand this problem. Avoid miscalculation of attendance, overtime and leave with an integrated mobile system. Transfer to Talenta now to calculate time without any loss.

Easy attendance, overtime and leave

You can start dissociating from overtime and leave forms because Talenta offers flexibility in submitting the employees attendance, overtime and leave with employee self-service feature. Reward the supervisor’s progressive approval with one click.

Practical employees multi-shift management

Managing employees with a variety of shifts and long work hours is no longer an obstacle. Free your time from the fuss of monitoring every attendance. Using Talenta, shift management is easier and convenient, even with plenty of branches.

Integrated mobile attendance

Employees flexibility is crucial to be prioritized. Mobile-first lifestyle becomes the need to be fulfilled. Now, employees can get all in one application. Want a more precise result? Fingerprint machines can be integrated.

Integrated payroll without loss

Beside a more accurate documentation, Talenta’s time management system is also integrated with payroll system. Sit back and relax on every paycheck day, leave the manual system behind and start using the more convenient system.

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