Payroll Solution

Finish payroll in minutes

Days of long payroll process will be over. Talenta offers an integrated payroll system with attendance, leave, overtime and other components. Transfer to Talenta right now for a splendid payroll experience.

Integrated payroll system

One solution for all of your payroll needs. Tax calculation, BPJS, allowance, tardiness deduction and other components in one platform with easy procedure. With accurate and fast calculation, no more late paychecks.

Comprehensive tax calculation

Calculating employees taxes with a variety of status is no longer a problem. Adorned with sophisticated systems of gross paycheck calculation, net, gross-up or combination, Talenta is designed to adjust every company regulation delicately.

Kita sangat suka dengan fitur payrollnya. Talenta bisa melakukan auto-calculation, apalagi jika perusahaan memiliki banyak komponen gaji seperti insentif, tunjangan, dan lain-lain. Dengan Talenta, kita bisa menghitung dengan segampang itu.

Evan Tree, Head of People, Ninja Xpress

Weekly and monthly payment made easier

Payroll disbursement at Talenta helps you to wire paycheck to every bank account without administration fee. Weekly and monthly paycheck or more than one period cut-off is now made easier using Talenta.

Safe system based on cloud

Standing on top of cloud based infrastructure, Talenta’s payroll system is accessible anywhere, anytime. With an optimal up-time service, Talenta is safe and convenient to use daily without any dependence from other utilized systems.

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