Introducing Mekari Expense

Manage expense policy and workflow easily with Mekari Expense

Mekari Expense lets you organize expense policies, line approvals, up to reimbursements securely with ease.

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Why Mekari Expense

Mekari Expense provides end-to-end expense management to make it easier for you to accommodate the needs of your employees.

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Personalization and analytics

Obtain a bird’s-eye view of all employee expense management activities.

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Category and policy management

Set limits on employee expenses based on categories and max. reimbursement limits.

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Workflow management

Streamline business processes with customizable approval flows and other adjustments.

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Flexible mobile-based access

Accessible anytime and anywhere by employees via mobile application.

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Centralized and integrated database

Direct integration with Mekari Talenta for streamlined HR administration management.

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How it works

We provide you with an easy way on how to manage expense and reimbursement without any hassle.

Select expense categories

Choose any categories that best suit your employees for them to proceed with the reimbursement.

Set limit and criteria

Set a limit and create a budget for reimbursements across all employees in your company.

Set approval workflow

Set up line approval and create custom workflows for each category.


Distribute reimbursements instantly through simplified HR administration with Mekari Talenta integration.

The expense and reimbursement process is safer and faster with Mekari Expense

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At Mekari, we grow in Indonesia with industry in Indonesia

Mekari provides innovations that allow us to meet business needs with various use cases in various industries.

“There are 2 important factors in choosing a platform, namely features & price. Products from Mekari have complete features and competitive prices. Truly fits our needs. Akseleran is a 
happy customer.”
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Ivan TambunanCEO of Akseleran

Simplified business process

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