Employee Benefits

Unlimited accessibility, granting employee benefit is easier during WFH

Employees are allowed access to shopping vouchers, bills payment, phone credit, data package and other compelling packages directly on their smartphones. Boost employees engagement in the pandemic time through benefit automation from Talenta.

Various offers with affordable prices

A variety of compelling offerings for insurance, lifestyle, wellness and other benefits with affordable prices. Grant assistance to your employees with fair prices and convenient benefit access and encounter comfortable WFH implementation.

Efficient activity in the palm of your hands

A variety of needs obtainable through application, you don’t need to step out of the house. Support the social distancing program by using mobile access employee benefit. Faster and easier, all available in one click.

GO-JEK adalah startup dengan growth yang tinggi. Kita punya kendala yang berhubungan dengan employee database ataupun payroll yang manual. Setelah menggunakan Talenta, kami dapat menghemat waktu dalam hal-hal administratif.

Buddy Susanto, Head of HR Services GOJEK

Automatically documented and more accurate

Avoid worrying about payroll process getting delayed during WFH. All deduction process of benefit claim is integrated with Payroll feature on Talenta. Simple and quick, all transaction process is automatically documented.

Without interfering cash flow

Set limitation to every category, Mekari Benefit payment is done automatically by deducting employees paycheck on the next period. Be it allowance or salary sacrifice, benefit process in the middle of pandemic is no longer interfering company’s treasury.

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