Time Management

It’s time to clock in, the easy way

Instant & Easy

Manage your attendance with ease and get an instant result.

Integrated System

Keep attendance accurate through our online integrated system.

Mobile Friendly

Submit your attendance from our mobile application, anytime anywhere.


Keeping attendance manually is a time-consuming and redundant process—no wonder it is not the trend anymore. Talenta allows real-time attendance tracking through fingerprint scanners or other media. The records are directly integrated with payroll calculation.

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Let your employees focus on their work and be productive while Talenta calculates their overtime. We simplify overtime requests and approval into a few clicks away, for your employees and HR team. The records are then integrated with payroll calculation.

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Time Off

A last minute time off request can be a hassle, but not with Talenta. Your employees can track their leave quota and submit a request online through our platform. Any remaining quota can also be carried over into the next annual period.

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Mobile Attendance

Easily clock in at anytime and from anywhere with Talenta’s mobile attendance feature. Your employees can submit their attendance directly from their smartphone with GPS tracking.

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Listen to what our clients have to say about Talenta and how we change the way they do business

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“Gojek adalah startup dengan growth yang tinggi. Kita punya kendala yang berhubungan dengan employee database ataupun payroll yang manual. Setelah menggunakan Talenta, kami dapat menghemat waktu dalam hal-hal administratif.”

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