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Our platform is intuitive yet powerful, making it easy for your shop to learn and use.

Integrated Payroll Components

Calculate payroll based on your company’s components and regulations.

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Integrated Payroll Calculation

Put your old calculator away, close your spreadsheet, and let us do the calculation. Our integrated payroll calculation is made to be easy to use and adjustable according to your company’s regulation.

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Flexible Payroll Components

We understand how flexibility is important when it comes to payroll. Talenta offers flexible payroll components and customizable calculation formulas regarding deduction, allowance, and other additional benefits.

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Employee Tax Management

Tax calculation and reporting could take way too much of your time. We save your time by automatically calculate PPh 21 and PPh 26 on payroll, produce tax reports, and many more.

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Medical Coverage (BPJS)

If tax is one thing, BPJS management is another thing. Talenta assists your HR team in managing your employee’s BPJS administration in a quick and easy way. Our platform allows your company to have more than one NPP for differentiating JKK.

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“Gojek adalah startup dengan growth yang tinggi. Kita punya kendala yang berhubungan dengan employee database ataupun payroll yang manual. Setelah menggunakan Talenta, kami dapat menghemat waktu dalam hal-hal administratif.”

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