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Flexible Benefits

Provide Your Employees Benefits That Meet Their Needs Hassle-free

  • Employee satisfaction towards benefits provided
  • Improve company attractiveness among potetial talents
  • Reduce manpower to improve operational efficiency
Flexible Benefits

Manage Employee Flexible Benefits Effortlessly

Managing employee benefits to match your employee needs has never been easier! All you need is a single application integrated with HRIS


Provide More Options for Employee Benefits

Give your employees freedom to select various benefits that met their personal needs for easier and quicker operations

Now you can independently determine the benefit criterias to be given to each employee based on your company needs in a single application only!

Mekari makes everything easy! Now you can set maximum limit of Flexible Benefit use for each employee, adjusted to their position and company's budget.

Our system automatically calculate benefits for new talents, according to their share of the given appropriate work hours into a proportionate allocation


Enable Reimburse Schemes

Monitor all expenses effortlessly : Reimburse scheme can now be utilized for benefits that can not be purchased through the marketplace in one application!


Ensure Benefit Budget Control

Monitor every cost that comes out for employee benefits through our real-time dashboard. Ensure Swift Budget Control right at your fingertips!

HR/Admin can now take full control of your employee benefit criteria, budget limits and benefit spending through a single dashboard panel

Our Remaining Balance feature makes it easy for both HR/Admin and employees to know their benefit credit balance within the Talenta by Mekari app

The list of purchase transaction history and usage of other benefits is fully documented and integrated in our application. Easily check it anytime!


Provide Easy Access for your Employees

With Talenta by Mekari application, employees can now easily access various benefits obtained on their respective mobile phones

Why choose Flex Benefit in Talenta by Mekari?

We provide all the features you need, integrated into a single easy-to-use app. Access Talenta anywhere and anytime!

Available in Various Options as Needed

We provide wide selection of benefits that can be adjusted to the needs of your employees with scalable operation

Easy Control with Realtime Dashboard

Admin/HR can now easily take full control of spending criteria to the benefit limit through our real-time dashboard.

Easy mobile access

Employees can now choose various benefits that suit their needs effortlessly with Talenta application using their mobile phones.

Any further questions?

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Mekari Flex is a tool to easily manage employee benefits from a single platform.There are two flexible benefit schemes that can be chosen in Mekari Flex, Early Salary Access (Accesible Salary) and Flex Benefit

The difference lies in the scheme of payment made. The Accesible Salary feature uses a salary cut system from each employee for its use.While Flex Benefit uses the budget provided by the company to its employees.

All you need is to activate the Flex Benefit module in the Talenta by Mekari app or simply contact us through this form to be assisted by our team.

Yes, You can. Please contact our team to activate Mekari Flex with Flex Benefit scheme.

Please contact our team to discuss various packages that suit your company’s needs.

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