Get a New, More Enjoyable Chat Experience

  • Fully Protected Employee privacy
  • Direct and fast internal communication
  • Increased employee attachment in the company

Cozy Personal communications

Private chat features enable direct, easier, and more effective communication between colleagues


Easier Coordination Through Group Chat

Coordination and collaboration between divisions are easier with group chat, sans maximum member limit

In this group chat, only in-group members have the access to invite and authorize others to join

An inclusive group chat: all internal stakeholders have the same, equal access, free from mandatory invitation beforehand

Group chat that serves to conduct one-way communication from admins / parties who are given rights, such as giving announcements


Access Chat Application from Multiple Devices

Mekari Chat application can be accessed simultaneously from various integrated devices, such as web browser, Android, and iOS


Read Conversation History

Mekari Chat is a secured and encrypted business messaging app: an access to your team information, anytime, anywhere


View Conversation Status

Your colleagues status notification now is available so you can predict the proper time to reach them

This status will appear in your app whenever an interlocutor is typing a message in both a private chat room and a group chat

Your messages delivery receipt could be seen, better knowing of whether your colleagues have received and read it or not

Why choose Mekari Chat?

Mekari Chat is easier to use and is integrated with HRIS, making it easier and faster for administration

Differentiate personal and work chat conversations

Increase convenience for employees and companies, by ensuring applications for personal and work affairs are not mixed

More centralized business communication

Centralized information makes easier tracking to conversation history and dissemination of information to all employees

Enables two-way communication

Direct communication with all parties and levels so that the process of giving and receiving information is more efficient and neat

Any further questions?

Read complete questions and answers about Talenta usage and solutions

Mekari Chat is an integrated messaging platform with HRIS that helps to fulfill all the company’s internal communication needs easily and quickly.

To use this module, the company needs to activate the Internal Communication feature first.

Yes, You can. Please schedule a meeting with out team to consult about Mekari Chat utilization.

Please contact our team to discuss various packages that suit your company’s needs.

You can try free Talenta demonstration or please schedule a meeting via for further consultation


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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