Increase Work Productivity with Mekari Chat

  • Increase focus & productivity during work hours
  • Free of charge for additional communication tools
  • Better chat experience at work

Feel a foremost focus At Work

Get various features that support better and longer concentration during working hours to increase employees’ productivity


Organize Chat As Needed

Customized setting is available so that you can change and adapt the feature to the needs and the working style of each employee

Privacy setting can also be changed and adjusted to each employee, related to chat status, status of sent messages and many more

To enhance focus during working hours, various notification settings are available according to time availability and priority

Admins have a special settings dashboard to manage the use of Mekari Chat in the company especially for facile exchange of information


Cloud Service-Based Document Sharing

Distribute different types of documents between coworkers without worrying about storage size limit by utilizing cloud storage technology


Ease of Searching in Chat

Searching for contacts, files, and sent message history made easier with comprehensive and easy-to-use search feature

Why choose Mekari Chat?

A faster and non-arduous administration could be yours, especially enabled by Mekari Chat integrated with HRIS

Choose the right time to receive chat

Minimize unwanted distractions by setting your incoming notifications so that they don't distract your work

Unlimited document sharing

No need to worry about documents sharing! Cloud technology makes it possible with unlimited storage and accessible through any device

Better file management

Improve file exchange and file management experience so that all data is structured, neat and easy to track

Any further questions?

Read complete questions and answers about Talenta usage and solutions

Mekari Chat is an integrated messaging platform with HRIS that helps to fulfill all the company’s internal communication needs easily and quickly.

To use this module, the company need to activate the Internal Communication feature first.

Yes, You can. Please schedule a meeting with out team to consult about Mekari Chat utilization.

Please contact our team to discuss various packages that suit your company’s needs.

You can try free Talenta demonstration or please schedule a meeting via for further consultation.

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