HRIS Integration

Automatic and Easy Synchronization with HRIS

  • Easier onboarding and offboarding process
  • Better chat experience with ESS
  • Avoid misinformation among employees
HRIS Integration

Perform HRIS Sync automatically

HR can now carry out the onboarding process trouble-free for each new employee, thanks to automatic, integrated and easy-to-control system


Increase Employee Engagement

Equipped with Employee Self-service feature, employees now able to do attendance report and apply for reimbursement directly

Submitting and approving leave now can be done as easily as chatting with colleagues via the chatbot feature on Mekari Chat

Attendance check and approval via chat without having to switch to another application, making the process faster and easier


Enterprise Database integration

All company databases are integrated in the Mekari Chat application, making it easier to find and utilize

A contact list that provides complete information for all employees is now easily accessible from your chat

Chat status will give a leave notification warning if the coworker we want to contact is taking time off

Get position, job title, and team information by simply typing the name of the person you are trying to find out with our universal search feature

Why choose Mekari Chat?

Effortless and integrated chat management with HRIS and employee database in a single application, no additional device costs

Automatic onboarding &offboarding process

HRIS Integration makes the process of onboarding and offboarding employees easier and faster

Submission and approval via chat

Application for leave and overtime can be done via chat, making employees and HR admins do not need to access other applications

Keep employees updated

Sharing information is as easy as sending a chat, now distributing information is easier and more equal!

Any further questions?

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Mekari Chat is an integrated messaging platform with HRIS that helps to fulfill all the company’s internal communication needs easily and quickly.

To use this module, the company need to activate the Internal Communication feature first.

Yes, You can. Please schedule a meeting with out team to consult about Mekari Chat utilization.

Please contact our team to discuss various packages that suit your company’s needs.

You can try free Talenta demonstration or please schedule a meeting via for further consultation.

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