Chat Application

Safe and Comfortable Chatting with Mekari Chat

Mekari Chat is a business messaging app, integrated with HRIS functions, including attendance and reimbursement

Chat Application

No more conventional chat application problems for your business

Lack of employee productivity

High chat intensity at work without feature support will disturb employees' focus during working hours

Limited integration in chat

High intensity in chats could be simplified through an integration of chat features to boost your team communication in workplace

Security threats & data ownership

Confidentiality of conversation history and files shared by resigned employee guaranteed, even from the company

Benefits for your business by switching to mekari chat

Benefits for your business by switching to mekari chat

  • Communication, collaboration and productivity increase

    Increase your employee productivity through great collaboration by promoting formal dyadic communication

  • Integrated with HRIS function

    Mekari Chat integrated with HRIS makes processes such as leave and reimbursement as easy as chatting through Mekari Chat

  • Maintained data security and full rights to data

    Get full access to conversation data without worrying about potential loss of files from resigned employees

What can businesses do with Mekari Chat?

HRIS integration

Automatic HRIS synchronization, pulled off!

Carry off employee onboarding and offboarding effortlessly, now possibly done with Mekari Chat and Talenta by Mekari

Group Chat

Separate channels as needed

Organize specific channels for both public and small group communication, based on your company needs, with Mekari Chat

Data Security

Have full ownership of conversations data

The control is in your own hands! Get access rights to data in employees’ chat, including resigned employees

Chat Analytics

Easily monitor chat utilization

Equipped with analytics features to monitor how employees utilize chat and when are the busiest times at the company

Personal Chat

Separate personal and work chats

Conduct personalized chats and work separately supported by our features, Now you can Identify interlocutes trouble-free!


Create a channel for each project

Separating communication for each project on each of the different channels now comes with a file sharing feature

Universal Search

Find anything effortlessly

Use Mekari Chat’s universal search feature to search for contacts, files, or conversations in a snap! Now comes with advanced filters.

Leave Notification

Learn about the availability of your interlocutors in chat

Get direct information on your chat when the interlocutor is on leave so that you can set expectations for message replies

Have the most complete features for a wider variety of benefits

Experience fun communication in different occupations with Mekari Chat application



Features in Mekari Chat that facilitate the internal communication process in the company

  • Private chat
  • Group chat
  • Access from multi-device
  • Conversation history
  • Chat delivery status


Mekari Chat feature helps employees stay productive while working

  • Focus mode
  • Customized setting
  • Cloud-based file sharing
  • Universal chat search

HRIS Integration

Integration support to Talenta by Mekari makes your chat experience better

  • Automatic and controlled onboarding
  • Employee self-service
  • Database integration
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