HR Administrative

Effortless HR administration realized

No More Paperworks

Complete your administrative tasks in a few clicks away so that you don’t have to deal with piles of papers.

Time-saving Administration

Your administrative tasks will not consume as much time as before. Talenta helps you save time and be more productive.


Store and find all records related to your company and its employees at once.

Employee Database

From address, KTP, NPWP, to family information—you can store all your employees’ information in Talenta’s centralized database. Any information added will be automatically updated in real-time to ensure data integrity.

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Company Details

Keep all your company’s documentation, such as assets management, announcements, and broadcasts safe and readily available online through Talenta’s cloud storage.

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Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of HR in every company. Talenta’s onboarding feature allows you to effectively and efficiently get your new employees up and running.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Talenta is able to produce a wide range and comprehensive reports necessary for your HR team within minutes, from payroll, tax, BPJS, attendance, reimbursement, overtime, until employee loan.

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Employee Self Service

Talenta makes your job easy by giving your employees independent access through Employee Self Service. They can submit requests for leaves, reimbursements, and others. They can also update their data directly through their personal account.

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Multi Company

Talenta allows your HR team to access and manage multiple accounts with separate dashboards at the same time. You can also set different admins for each account.

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Become one of thousand others

Listen to what our clients have to say about Talenta and how we change the way they do business

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“Gojek adalah startup dengan growth yang tinggi. Kita punya kendala yang berhubungan dengan employee database ataupun payroll yang manual. Setelah menggunakan Talenta, kami dapat menghemat waktu dalam hal-hal administratif.”

Love at first experience is better than the first sight

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