Kadence International

From a Small Team to An Award Winning Company)

Kadence is a research and marketing agency network spread across many countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, England, the US and Vietnam. Kadence was established 25 years ago in England, with a mission of providing inspirational marketing insight and birthing practicable and profitable recommendations business-wise.

Even though Kadence extended their business to three big continents of America, Asia and Europe, located in nine countries, they have approximately only 300 employees. Despite the small numbers, they won an award from Quirk’s Marketing Research and Insight in the category of Market Research Supplier of the Year (<US$10 m). The award is a quality proof for their individuals and company.

Maximizing the little team’s potential with supreme work performance

It’s interesting to analyze what has Kadence’s HR department been doing to achieve their team’s maximum potential. Not only talking about the award that they managed to win, but also their steady growth in Indonesia, which was established in 2007, but successfully handled more than 3,500 projects, locally and internationally.

Moreover, ever since its first establishment, Kadence is focusing on market research specifically in groups that are hard to reach.

With a small team, heavy workload, but high achievement, it’s a perfect combination to describe the efficiency of team organization in Kadence.

Having an efficient work culture encouraged them to consistently pursue tools that can help them maintain work performance. The thought of manual HR administration is certainly going to take a lot of time, and that’s out of the picture. With a quick work rhythm, the intensity of client meeting outside the office and even outside working hours, they are obligated to search for new methods in HR administration.

Team Flexibility is Key

Kadence is certainly a successful example of how the company efficiency can carry their performance far. How does Kadence maintain their performance efficiency until it can maximize the team potential to achieve the best result?

The key to success here is the human resource management. It’s important to avoid the manual HR administration that took a lot of time. In addition, technology can make any administration easier. In that case, an HR administration management system with more flexibility is required.

HRIS to help create a more flexible working environment

Kadence International only employed approximately 300 people, but they were able to win a prestigious award. Meanwhile, Kadence Indonesia, which employed around 100 employees, is pocketing 3,500 projects throughout its 12 years of existence.

Talenta understands that the professional industry requires a working environment that is flexible and efficient.

The compact and quick work rhythm is supported with an employee database management feature that’s integrated with payroll, limiting the energy of calculating when it’s nearing payday.

The same goes to the attendance system through mobile application, helping people who often work remotely. By using Talenta, HR requirements starting from database creation post recruitment, daily attendance up to calculation and wiring paycheck can be done from the application.



Jasa Professional



Total employees


Pain point

Project yang banyak dengan tim yang terbatas menuntut ritme pekerjaan sangat tinggi dan fleksibel.

Talenta solutions

Solusi HRIS terintegrasi berbasis mobile memudahkan berbagai proses administrasi dan ESS untuk karyawan.

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