Ciputra Hospital

HRIS to Boost Health Service)

Ciputra Hospital Citra Raya Tangerang was first operating on November 1, 2011, located at the heart of Citra Raya independent city, Tangerang. The hospital offers solid services for children and adults alike. Ciputra Hospital is committed to provide professional and qualified, non-stop health service to the patients with the support of professional medical personnel. Every effort is purposely done to embody Ciputra Hospital’s vision, “Care for your health and happiness.”

Multi-shift Employees Management Supports Professional Health Service

It’s widely known if the health service such as the hospital can’t stop operating, no days off. The hospital’s operational has to run 24/7. As the implication, the employees have to be ready consistently. Shifting work system is the answer.

The shifting has been a challenge for the HR department. At Ciputra Hospital, there are 32 shifts that must be handled. Imagine how much time the HR department needs to administrate all these shifts. In addition, everyday there wouldn’t be anything that limits the chance of employees requesting shift change, leave or overtime. The fuss of this manual system isn’t only applicable to the HR department, the employees must be patient in requesting their leave or overtime due to the three levels approval.

It doesn’t only stop at the administration regarding employees attendance, paycheck is also one of many problems that they are facing. Using the manual system, HR and finance have to manually calculate all the attendance list and add it to their paychecks’ components. Paycheck distribution that is done through e-banking demands them to comply with the bank’s administration and format. These administration issues can be simplified so that the HR department as well as the employees can channel their focuses on serving the patients.

The Requirements to Simplify HR Administration)

It’s a demand in hospitals to give the best service consistently since they’re responsible for people’s lives. This huge responsibility is not only given to the company, but also to all of its employees. This issue sparks worries for Ciputra Hospital, “What can be done in order to boost the employees’ energy for service fulfill?”

HRIS, which supports easier mobile attendance, leave and overtime management is the answer. Mobile attendance makes employees shift tracking easier and more practical for the HR department. The process of progressive leave and overtime request can still be done through mobile application.

Paycheck calculation and wiring can also be done without the need to worry about e-banking format or administration fee due to interbank transfers.

Simpler HR Administration Supports the Health Service

A good health service doesn’t only depend on the physical facility given to its customers. More than that, the energy of medical personnels who are involved in the operation is often influencing the customers’ convenience, hence, the important role of the HR department which directly correlates to the service quality.

Talenta understands that the energy given from the employees during service must be bigger than what they’ve spent for administration issues. In order to achieve that, Talenta offers the solution to simplify the HR administration process so that the employees can focus on giving the best service.

Using the mobile attendance feature, Talenta assures attendance tracking to be easier, trusted and transparent for both employees and the HR department. The payroll calculation and disbursement features made the process of paycheck calculation convenient since it’s integrated with attendance.

Talenta made sure that the employees obtain their rights, as well as smoothing the HR to wire the paychecks.






Total employees


Pain point

Manajemen shifting yang rumit hingga 32 shift setiap bulannya membuat waktu HR habis untuk administrasi dan penghitungan gaji. Selain itu, layanan terhadap karyawan jadi lebih lambat karena prosesnya dilakukan manual.

Talenta solutions

Talenta menyediakan software payroll yang terintegrasi dengan solusi absensi dan dilengkapi dashboard untuk manajemen shifting. Proses hitung dan distribusi bisa dilakukan langsung lewat aplikasi.

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