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Organize employees shifts without obstacle

Established in 2003, Altima group is one of the market leaders in the food and beverage industry. Carrying well known brands such as Nanny’s Pavillon and Porto Bistreau, Altima Group has a reasonable business with many branches across the cities in Indonesia. As well known in the F&B industry, Altima group has long work hours and complex multiple shifts for every employee.

This type of business certainly has its own hitches, especially from the human resource department. As the party responsible for the well-being of the employees, HR is demanded to maintain the balance of employees and company’s needs.

Multi-outlet system and long work hours became a challenge

Juwita April, Head of Human Resource at Altima Group, explained that one of the challenges encountered when managing employees is organizing the long work hours. “With the amount of outlets that we have, it affected the complex multiple shifts arrangement.” she said.

In her point of view, employees with this shift system will have personal issues collided with their schedules at times. Shift exchange or adjustment is a crucial thing to do, besides maintaining the business to operate normally, it’s also arranged so that the responsible employee can work properly and conveniently.

According to Juwita, the company’s given service towards the employees reflected how the F&B business works, which in this case represented by the employees giving service to its customers.


Finding the balance point between the employees and the company

By adopting the philosophy of “making people’s lives better”, Altima Group is always committed to deliver the best, oriented service for the customers. This has become the supporting reason to make employees’ working hours more flexible.

However, with a variety of heavy workload that HR faces along with the complexity of multiple shifts regulation, this flexibility suggestion is proven to be a little hard to be projected. This occurs especially when establishing paycheck component regulation based on the employees’ attendance and discipline.

The dynamics of shift arrangement repeated every month led to stacking administrative works. That combined with a variety of employees’ statuses, starting from internship, contract up until full time employees, each possessing different paycheck components and flexibility, HR usually picks a detour to easen their workload.

It is certain that these things must be avoided. As explained in the beginning, F&B industry such as the Altima Group itself, prioritizing the employees’ convenience and flexibility is the key to success. The question remains, “How do we find a balance between the employees and company’s needs?”

Flexible working hours improve employees productivity

Talenta offers an integrated HRIS solution including employees database, attendance management to payroll calculation and disbursement. By using Talenta, the ever variative shifting arrangement for Altima Group employees now can be done easily by the HR department. They don’t even have to fret on payroll calculation every month thanks to Talenta’s integrated design.

Not only taking the administration workloads off of the HR’s shoulders, Talenta also helps the employees to be more flexible in working. Employees can check in and out through the application. In addition, they don’t have to worry about the transparency issue because Talenta is integrated with every fingerprint machine in each of every Altima Group outlets.

On the other hand, HR is no longer fussed by the tiring and complicated shift design. They can monitor the employees attendance directly from Talenta’s dashboard. With a happy HR department and employees, the service to customers can be maximized.


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Pain point

Sistem shifting di banyak outlet membuat HR tidak bisa memberikan fleksibilitas bagi karyawan yang ingin dengan mudah mengatur shiftnya.

Talenta solutions

Talenta menyediakan solusi manajemen shifting yang terintegrasi dengan payroll calculation dan ESS yang berbasis mobile untuk kemudahan dan fleksibilitas karyawan.

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