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HR Administration Process Simplification Post Acquisition

Alterra group was founded by Ananto wibisono and Jefrey joe in 2015 with the name Sepulsa. Firstly starting out as a digital payment service, now, Alterra has reached out to many business sectors, creating the possibility of offline to online (O2O) integration as a network distribution for the Telco industry.

Acquisition brings many cultures together

Just like many other startups, Alterra keeps on expanding quickly with a variety of demands. After experiencing changes of logo and branding, Alterra decided to change name in 2018, as well as turning the corporation’s image all over. This is due to their acquisition of other companies to expand their business line. As a pioneer of digital payment service, Alterra enters a new phase with new challenges as well.

When an organization is growing, the business demands are bigger. In that case, there are a lot of changes that should be carried on for the company to adapt to the new culture. However, in the midst of higher target demands, the appearance of changes garnered a variety of responses, especially from the employees. Can you imagine how several different companies with different sets of regulations decided to join under the same organization?


Impact on HR Administration Process

Some people can adjust easily, but it’s easy to feel the difficulties eventually. For Puspa Maslim, Chief of Happiness Resource at Alterra, this is HR’s task to help the employees stay productive in the midst of culture change demands and different work targets.

“As HR, our focus is to help employees achieve their maximum performance.” she said.

However, the stacking administration tasks have become a specter for HR, including at Alterra. According to Puspa, this obstacle can divert HR’s main task at the office, which is to organize a complex strategy and analysis for the growth of the company’s employees.

Puspa explained in an example, in which the flexible working hours can give HR difficulties in employees tracking, or even just to find out if the employee is going to work or not that day. Another example which is nonetheless difficult is changing dates of paycheck. As it has been known, several companies being acquisitioned by Alterra possessed different schemes of paycheck previously. Every month, HR can spend days calculating wage and transferring to every single bank account.

Finding the Solution for HR Administration

When encountering many problems regarding administration, the question narrows into two points. First, what can we do to minimize efforts? Second, how to fulfill the employees’ basic needs in an easy and practical way?

Alterra needs help from HRIS that can accommodate their needs of a more dynamic work environment. The fulfillment will help them in adjusting to market and industry’s requirements. “We need tools that truly can accommodate the employees’ basic needs so we can focus onto other things.” said Puspa Maslim.

HR Software Helps the Process Post-acquisition

Talenta understands that the technology industry is always on a dynamic movement with fast demands and changing. In its 3rd year, Alterra has successfully acquisitioned other companies to expand their service. Acquisition is not only uniting companies, but also employees and work culture.

At this point, the manual system of HR administration has too much on its plate to handle the existing variations. The company itself senses that they need to accommodate flexibility in working. At Talenta, a range of features for a dynamic, fast-developing industry is available and can be easily used.

The simplest example is each company has different working hours, which concluded to Alterra giving flexible working hours. Talenta is accommodating this need by providing a mobile attendance system.

Moreover, the acquisition has also given difficulties for the HR department to calculate payment. At Talenta, this problem can be solved easily through auto-calculation payroll feature, this feature is an output of employees database and attendance integration.

According to Puspa, the tools usage such as Talenta can help her to do basic works; attendance, calculation to paycheck distribution.

With that, HR can focus more on strategic things such as organization development or learning plan for every employees.






Total employees


Pain point

Organisasi yang membesar membuat HR kerepotan mengatasi berbagai kebutuhan dasar karyawan seperti kemudahan pengajuan cuti, absensi, dan reimbursement.

Talenta solutions

Talenta menyediakan solusi absensi yang terintegrasi dengan payroll dan sistem ESS berbasis mobile.

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