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6 Lessons That Company Can Learn From Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

By Mekari TalentaPublished 12 Jan, 2016 Last updated 20 March 2024

Last month, I had an opportunity to attend Taylor Swift 1989 sold-out performance at Singapore Indoor Stadium with my best friend and 120,000 other Swifties for two days show.

It such a dream come true because I’ve been fan of her and I didn’t get the ticket for her long awaited concert in Jakarta last year.

As we drove back home, there are so many thoughts about the concert (Taylor Swift 1989) that flooded my head: there aren’t that many solo artists who can sell out their performance across the world that much, which made me think there are many lessons that can be learned. Here are my contemplation.

6 Lessons That Company Can Learn From Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

1. Speak directly from our heart

Throughout her career, Taylor always spoke directly to her audience about the feelings she was experiencing. She successfully made a point to connect with the hearts and minds of her audience.

Nowadays, most businesses tend to connect with the masses instead of their existing buyers. By doing the opposite, this explains why customer loyalty is essential for many businesses.

Think what you can do to personally connect with those you’ve worked so hard to secure as customers. It could be as simple as sending out an email thanking them for their business.


2. Anticipation creates excitement

During the tour, Taylor brought surprise guests on stage. Although this time is an exception, the crowd roared when she introduced her supermodel squad and sang her hit song “Style” together in Hyde Park London.

The entire stadium went crazy right along. What are you doing to surprise your client towards your product/services and pleasing them? If the answer is nothing, then take a lesson from her and do the same.


3. Let your customers speak about you

In between costume changes, Taylor showed a video testimonials from her famous friends on the main giant screens. This move reinforced the connection between Taylor and her closest connection. A brilliant move!

Are you allowing your customers to speak about you? If not, you should be. Ask a customer to provide you a testimonial then make sure to put the testimonial on your website for everyone to see.

Testimonials are a much more powerful way to acquire and retain business than email marketing or advertising.

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4. The power of value

I’ve been to many concerts which ended much earlier than it should be just because I think it is a boring performance. But from the moment Taylor entered the stage, she provided value. The production was served excellently for the whole two and a half hours. She gave it all.

What kind of value you are going to give your customers? Are they constantly surprised how much more they are getting from the beginning or are they leaving with disappointment?


5. Make your customers wanting more

My best friend told me that it was her second Taylor Swift concert after the one happened in 2013. She told me that she will always be the loyal attendees of it. I nodded. I can’t wait to see her again as well, even and plan to bring my sister as she was very jealous of me.

Are you delighting and exciting your customers so that they cannot wait until you announce your next offering? Think about what’s the best offerings to your customers and then make it so.


6. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you

If you’ve ever bought a merchandise at a concert arena, you know how frustrating it would be to stand in long lines, I’m pretty sure it was not Taylor Swift’s concert.

I learned from my best friend that you can pre-order and pay for merchandise before the show held. You just simply show your receipt and collect your purchase at the designated booth on the spot.

Will you let your customers make purchases easily or do you keep forcing them to wait in long exhausted line? Put yourself as your own customers and see how it works.

It’s been more than one month after the concert but I was still feeling inspired by the experience. All of these strategies are the strategy which Taylor Swift and her team has mastered. Do you have any events or singer that inspire you and you can relate it to your business? Share it with us 🙂

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