On Salary Negotiation: Here is the Tips from Lena Dunham

By Mekari TalentaPublished 05 Feb, 2022 Last updated 20 March 2024

A wide wage gap between men and women is recently being the hottest topic in Hollywood.

Some said that women paid less than their men counterparts.

One of the Hollywood actresses, Lena Dunham, in her own digital media, Lenny, tried to raise this issue by publishing an open letter written by her fellow actress, Jennifer Lawrence.

In her letter, Lawrence shouted her protest based on her own personal experience of the treatment she received from being a woman in Hollywood.

Seeing from Lawrence’s experience, Dunham concludes with several tips on how to do salary negotiation and fight for equal treatment.

Here are some tips from Dunham and her producer, Jenni Konner on how to do salary negotiation.

Tips for Salary Negotiation from Lena Dunham

On Salary Negotiation: Here is the Tips from Lena Dunham

Here are the lists!

Be Ambitious

Dunham agreed that it is ok for women for being ambitious for the sake of their careers and earnings.

She and Konner also do the same by making the whole employees in her company feel free to raise their voices, and most importantly paid the same fairly.

Know your worth

She took an example from her best friend forever, Taylor Swift.

She thought that Swift is one of the women she knows who can recognize her worth and how she defends it.

She also praised Swift’s effort in convinced Apple to change its policy regarding the first 3 months’ free trial on Apple Music. “I think that’s really incredible that she can use her voice to express or protest something.

She will never let anyone turn her down and she knows it all worth it.”

Be Aggressive

While Konner agreed on being aggressive in terms of salary negotiation, it must be considered as a part of doing business, not a personal issue.

Being aggressive doesn’t necessarily mean you are preserving your ego ye, believe in yourself.

“I think a good negotiator is the aggressive one and we are one of them. I never worry that people will turn us down.”

Don’t be a too nice guy

Lawrence confessed that she never negotiated her salary just because she doesn’t want to be labeled as negative.

Turn out, the same thing happened to Dunham as well.

In the beginning of her career, she admit that she was being too nice.

Fortunately, Konner reminds her to prioritize despite making everyone happy. Hence, avoid being too nice when doing salary negotiations when you know you are worth it.

Those are the tips for negotiating salary.

These tips can also be used when you are in other jobs. So, are you ready to negotiate your salary? 

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